The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM

Episode 23 - Dash Meizler

July 11, 2022 Animal Activism Mentorship
The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM
Episode 23 - Dash Meizler
Show Notes

Dash Meizler is a mentor with Animal Activism Mentorship and the founder of Podrska Foundation, an organization that helps both humans and nonhumans. From teaching young children about veganism and animal rights, to helping women and children in his home of Kampala have access to the necessary items that they need, to coming up with and executing controversial animal rights demos, Dash pretty much does it all.

Host Trey Morrow speaks with Dash about his transformation from "poultry" farmer to vegan, what it's like doing animal rights activism and other social justice work in Uganda, and much more on this episode of The Animal Liberation Hour.

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