The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM

Episode 27 - Gemunu de Silva

August 08, 2022 Animal Activism Mentorship
The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM
Episode 27 - Gemunu de Silva
Show Notes

Tune in to what may be one of AAM mentor and podcast co-host Shriya's top favorite interviews! Joining us is a hidden "gem" of the Animal Liberation movementveteran filmmaker and undercover investigator, Gemunu de Silva.

Gem is a trailblazer, whose investigative work propelled the field of undercover investigations in Animal Rights.  He has worked with several international animal protection groups, obtaining critical footage for a variety of their campaigns. Later on, Gem founded Tracks Investigations, a contract agency that works with animal protection groups around the globe on various undercover projects. To date, Tracks have completed over 260 investigative film projects for many different animal rights and protection organizations in more than 50 countries, AND have been instrumental in ensuring multiple groundbreaking legislations to protect our fellow creatures on the planet.

In this interview, Gem recalls his entry into Animal Rights as a punk aficionado passionate about social justice,  early days with the hunt saboteurs, and experiences as a man of Sri Lankan descent at the dawn of the grassroots animal rights era in the UK, and much more.

His words of wisdom and dedication to the power of undercover work ignite a drive to celebrate our talents and skills and utilize them to the fullest to fight for Animal Liberation.

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