The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM

Episode 29 - Jessica Scott-Reid

August 22, 2022 Animal Activism Mentorship
The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM
Episode 29 - Jessica Scott-Reid
Show Notes

Journalism is a powerful tool to spread the Animal Rights message and our guest, Jessica Scott-Reid does just that! Jessica's passion for food, culture, and the environment led her into exploring these topics and writing about responsible food choices. Naturally, she learned that this responsibility extends to the animals who are raised for various forms of consumption.

She broke free from the "humane" myth, and the "cage-free/free-range" fallacies and made it her mission to expose the unpleasant truths of animal agriculture through her writing.  Whether they are sourced locally, or from a factory farm, Jessica urges her readers to recognize that there is no "right, kind, or humane" way to exploit animals.

Jessica's work has been published in several mainstream platforms including Vox, CBC, and Toronto Star, to name a few. She is also a regular contributor to Sentient Media, a  leading Animal Rights media platform.

In this conversation, Jessica addresses some of the challenges of bringing Animal Rights issues into the "mainstream media," and offers sage advice to aspiring and seasoned writers who care deeply about Animal Rights and want to make their voices heard on behalf of the animals. It's time to pick up your mighty pen and write to save the animals!

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