The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM

Episode 26 - M.C Ronen

August 01, 2022 Animal Activism Mentorship
The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM
Episode 26 - M.C Ronen
Show Notes

Maya Cohen-Ronen (pen name M. C Ronen) is a New Zealand based author. She has been vegan since 2012 and an animal rights activist not long after. Maya is one of the founding organisers of the Wellington chapter of the Animal Save Movement, and partakes in slaughterhouse vigils, animal rights marches, street outreach, protests, and disruptions. She is the author of ‘The Liberation Trilogy’ (‘The Shed’, ‘Liberation’, and ‘It Was In Our Hands’), a thrilling dystopian suspense series with a strong vegan/ animal rights message.

Host Trey Morrow talks with Ronen about creative activism, why she decided to write vegan fiction, her books ‘The Liberation Trilogy’, and so much more.

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