The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM

Episode 9 - Meredith Marin

November 29, 2021 Animal Activism Mentorship
The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM
Episode 9 - Meredith Marin
Show Notes

Activism meets mental health, mindfulness, wellness, and self-compassion in this feel-good conversation with host Shriya and her beloved mentor Meredith Marin!

Upon successfully transforming Aruba into the most vegan-friendly island in the Caribbean, Meredith founded Vegan Hospitality- a training program dedicated to empowering future plant-powered consultants to drive the transition of the Hospitality & Tourism Industry into the vegan era!

Meredith is also a champion for mindfulness as a crucial tool for self-care and personal growth. She works exclusively with vegans in a group or private setting and empowers her clients on their confidence and self-acceptance journeys.

This chat will inspire you to embrace your unique human journey as we all navigate revolutionizing this non-vegan world.


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