The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM

Episode 11 - Eloísa Trinidad

February 28, 2022 Animal Activism Mentorship
The Animal Liberation Hour by AAM
Episode 11 - Eloísa Trinidad
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 2 of the Animal Liberation Hour! We are thrilled to kickstart this season with a stimulating conversation with multi-hyphenate activist Eloisa Trinidad.

From on the grounds protests to meetings with officials in her power suit, Eloisa does all that and more to achieve her vision for collective liberation. She believes in the power of forming coalitions and alliances to make impactful strides for Animal Liberation, while centering an anti-colonial approach in the tactics that she champions. In her conversation with host and AAM mentor Shriya, Eloisa discusses her involvement in a the plethora of initiatives :

  • Co-Founder of Vegan Activist Alliance, an anti-speciesist organization working to end the exploitation of beyond-human persons;
  • Executive Director of Chilis on Wheels, to make vegan food accessible to communities in need;
  • Overthrow plant-based community fridge initiative;
  • Hip Hop is Green, the first plant-based Hip Hop health and wellness organization in the world;
  • Agriculture Fairness Alliance, a nonprofit working towards federal plant-based, climate-friendly food policy and supporting farmers to achieve that goal;
  • Activist mental health, self-care, and balance.

Eloisa's diverse activism is a powerful depiction of how there is always room to participate in revolutionary changes to our system and the lives of trillions of sentient animals. Collective action is key to collective liberation.

We hope you are inspired by this chat with the remarkable Eloisa Trinidad!

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