Business Not 101

How to influence the influencers with Chanelle Garrow, Founder of Social Lens Media

January 08, 2023 Olivier Bousette Season 3 Episode 29
Business Not 101
How to influence the influencers with Chanelle Garrow, Founder of Social Lens Media
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With over 6 years of experience in the social media and influencer marketing industry as both an influencer and brand management side, Chanelle has gained intensive knowledge and understanding of the market from both perspectives. She has helped numerous brands elevate their business. She has helped well known brands with their influencer marketing strategies by gaining over 20 million impressions and growing, maintaining an average CPE of $0.08 per campaign, and increasing revenue 5x on average in only a few months. Chanelle brought Social Lens Media to life to give brands the opportunity to a hands-on influencer marketing experience that will help guide your business in the right direction. 

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Olivier : [00:00:00] Welcome to business, not 1 0 1 hosted by me, Olivier Bousette, founder, entrepreneur podcast creator. In this episode, we explore the founder's journey from their aha moment to the roadblocks and problems to what they would've done differently in hindsight, and the unique solutions they came up with. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Hi Chanel. How you doing?

Chanelle : Hey, I'm good. How are you?

Olivier : Very good. Thank you for joining us on Business Now 1 0 1. Please introduce yourself and give us your 62nd business.

Chanelle : business pitch. Absolutely. So my name is Chanel Garrow and I am the founder of Social Lens Media. And Social Lens Media is a creative digital marketing agency that specializes in influencer relations.

So we handle everything from vetting, sourcing, contracting, negotiating. Everything from A to Z when it comes to influencer marketing and really making those connections online that really matter. [00:01:00] So that is social lens media in less than 60 seconds actually. But

Olivier : That's great. My next question is, what was your aha moment, that brought you to launch this project?

Chanelle : Mm-hmm. . So my aha moment was kind of, a collective, a bunch of collective moments, I guess you can say. There was never really that one aha moment. It was just this feeling that I knew I am going to be an entrepreneur. I dunno what it is going to be for yet.

And you know, as I started going through college, university and working for internships and working. Other agencies Actually, I always ended up in agencies other than when I was working for MTV Canada, and I was always put in the exact same role. I was always either in marketing or digital marketing. I was always dealing with influencers.

And I think that was because I had experience [00:02:00] myself as an influencer. I grew an audience on Instagram. And then now on TikTok and, and YouTube. So I was always put in those positions and that's when I was kind of like, Hmm, I think this is my niche. Like this is my industry. This is, that's kind of my aha.

Career moment. And once I started getting into that bit more and gaining a lot more knowledge around it, I had the experience of being an influencer and knowing how to speak to other influencers and other creators. But then I also had the brand management side of things. So I definitely had a lead in that sense.

And up until 2020 it was never really a thought of like creating my own business around this. It was more. Okay, how can I excel in corporate or with another agency? And then Covid hit and everyone, I don't know if you remember, but everyone lost their jobs in marketing [00:03:00] and I was one of them. That was the first thing that would go.

So it was that moment where I was like, okay, I've had this thought, or I know what I wanna do. And I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, so now it's time to take those learnings and actually put them. My business. And also seeing so many businesses in Toronto shut down. I knew that, you know, they were very reliant on their brick and mortar stores to bring in any sort of conversions.

And I was like, you know what? We can mimic this online. We can create that digital presence for you and keep your business afloat through influencer marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing. And that was when Social Ends Media was created. So it was, it was a bunch of moments that led up to that one moment of co

Olivier : That's really interesting, like a ton of little aha moments along the way that created that. And I found that super interesting. So you were on mtv and did you [00:04:00] find that had a huge impact on you being able to launch this business? 

Chanelle : Yeah. Absolutely. . So I actually interned at mtv. So once I graduated I was working with them right out of college and I'm a very like, go-getter type of person. So when I was doing my internship, it was just your classic internship where it's like okay, can you get the coffees for everyone?

Can you print this off? And for. . I was like, no, I can't. I mean, I'm gonna do that, but that's not what I want my entire job to be. So I would actually go through the company and see, okay, where are we lacking? Where can I kind of insert myself? And I found this one little product in the company that nobody was touching, and I'm like, that's, I'm gonna take over.

So I did, and I presented it to my boss and I was like, this is everything that I'm going to be doing. This is how we're gonna be doing it. I'm gonna build out your website, I'm gonna build [00:05:00] out your socials, I'm gonna run your ads, I'm gonna hire influencers. I'm gonna hire brand ambassadors for like, street activations.

And I really, really inserted myself in that way which led to a full-time job. That gave me a lot of credibility and it also gave me a lot of knowledge in such a short period of time. I ended up leaving MTV because as much as I loved it and my boss was absolutely amazing, I I wanted to have not only corporate, but I also wanted to have that agency experience where I'm managing multiple clients at once and multiple like portfolios at once.

I guess you can say. So that's when I was working at the agency, gained a lot of experience on how to run a business and that also really, really helped me as well. And then Covid happened and that's when my agency happened.

Olivier : That's a really interesting story and that's a great way to get, I, I, I'm assuming you met a whole bunch of people and created this massive network around you, [00:06:00] certainly around MTV and influencers and so on.

Chanelle : Absolutely. My boss was great for that. He would always bring me to networking events for the company would always bring me to like any of the events that the company was happening or having, sorry. He would always bring me and he was like, you need to network these other people that you need to network for or with.

So he was really, really great and a big part of my career.

Olivier : That's really good. That's a good experience.

This sort of leads me to the next question is what were some of the roadblocks that you hit along the way, and how did you overcome them to be able to launch your your agency,

Chanelle : Oh my goodness. Roadblocks. There was so many . 

So there's a few, but I think the biggest roadblock for me was confidence. I didn't have the confidence. I, I thought I was very over my head and I was put into a situation where I had no other choice because everything was shut down. No one had jobs. And I'm like, I need to be working. I need to have income. I'm gonna start my business.

And I just completely started [00:07:00] on a whim, built a website on Wix, I believe, just to have something out there. And I was like, this is my business, . So my first roadblock with that is, I just didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know how to start a business. I didn't know how to acquire customers. I didn't know, I didn't even know my pricing or what the industry standard was, so I was charging so little.

Actually, for the first couple of months, I was charging nothing, mainly because I wanted to build up my clientele, which I recommend any, well, new businesses I recommend. Doing that just to get kind of like a feel for how your business is, is gonna operate and what are your clients saying, what are the feedbacks?

And being able to get that. So I did that and then once I started charging people, I was charging them so little to the point where I wasn't profiting whatsoever. And [00:08:00] then I I ended up bringing, A business development team to help me acquire customers, and I think that that is a roadblock that I had and kind of overcome or overcame was because I thought I needed to do everything on my own in my business, and that's just not the case.

As a business owner, you have so many responsibilities, but your main responsibility should. Okay, how is this business going to operate? How are we gonna scale? How are we, what are the fundamentals of the entire business? And you're not able to do that when you're focusing on 500 different things. So I actually, yeah, I brought in a business development team and they were responsible for bringing in clients and then I would do the strategy and work around that.

So I think that was probably my biggest roadblock. And then since that I've been able to get into a group of things and really flow [00:09:00] within my business and being able to have monthly clients ongoing. It's been great since then. Still roadblocks, but it's been good from the beginning.

Olivier : Yeah, and that's a common roadblock actually. A lot of people when they start off, their agencies or small businesses that have been on the show have talked about that business development being one of those key aspects that I think a lot of people sort of figure, oh, I'm just gonna go and do it myself. I'll become the salesperson, I'll do the pitching, I'll do the work. I'll become the, you know, the one man show or the one woman show, and I think that's a mistake. And that's a great solution to bring in a development team, like definitely a business development team. And you know, that's something that sort of fills in one of my next questions was, you know, what would be one role you would hire right away?

And you kind of answered that. So I think that's brilliant. Sort of now moving forward from that roadblock. In hindsight, if you can go back and ask yourself, you know, what would I have done differently? What is another role or another thing I would've changed that people should starting certainly in an agency or a social media agency that they should look at.

Chanelle : Mm-hmm. . [00:10:00] So I'm a firm believer on, you know, this is my journey. Everything happens for a reason. And going back, I don't think I would. Change anything because I think it really gave me the experience that I lacked in running my own business.

I had the experience, I have over six years experience in marketing and influence in marketing, but I didn't have any experience in running a business. So all of those roadblocks, if they had to, had not have happened, I would never have learned and I, I probably would've been in. Never ending cycle of, okay, how can I make this work?

Or what am I doing wrong? I do, I have feedback. Are my clients happy? Why aren't they coming back? I think if I didn't get that out in the beginning of my business, then it would've caused further issues down the road. So I'm glad that happened. I think for any business owner within your first year, I wanna say, everything is very [00:11:00] trial and error.

You'll kind of get in the groove of things. I can tell. a million different ways to run your business, but ultimately it's really up to you and what you're comfortable with running your bus business, how you want to run your business, and doing kind of a trial and error on that, and then figuring it out pretty much on your own.

Olivier : Yeah. That's brilliant. That's so true. It's really like trying to figure out your own path, your own journey.

Chanelle : Mm.

Olivier : Now, looking at your business overall, and obviously you have a lot of very large community, what are some of the key things you've done to build that up? Did you start your community beforehand?

Did you take your personal, sort of Instagram, your group, and then bringing it to your business? Or did you launch your community around your agency from zero?

Chanelle : So I actually launched my agency from Zero. So my community is completely different. Like my personal community is completely different than my business community. I mean, they kind of go side like hand in hand. I mean, as someone who is in like wellness, [00:12:00] beauty, fashion my agency kind of focuses on clients like that as well.

So a lot of the influencers and creators that I've met on the personal side we've actually hired them for campaigns and then eventually the more you hire them for the campaigns, the bigger your community grows. I actually, I grew my community mainly from organic socials, so I was on reels, I was the face of the company, I was doing all of the marketing, and I didn't actually run any paid advertisements, mainly because I am logged out or locked out of my ads.

And I still can't get into it. It's been two years. I still can't get into it, but organic has been working. So yeah, just creating reals and like really getting your name out there. Networking. I would always go to network events. I'd reach out to influencers personally and have them part of, you know, our social strategy.

So if a creator's posting something that relates to, you know, being an influencer or being [00:13:00] a creator, we, I reach out to them and be like, Hey, I absolutely love this. Do you mind if we repost. So that would build up a lot of our community as well. And then I actually took the community that we have on Instagram and I put them on a newsletter.

So they would subs subscribe to our newsletter and I would communicate the to them that way. And then now we're kind of getting into events. So I our community has been rapidly growing. But we definitely started out organically on Instagram from zero.

Olivier : That's really interesting. So that's, that's quite a, a uptake from zero where you are today. And, and I'm assuming that obviously because you are hiring influencers, they also have an influence of bringing in their community, which is I think is really important. What's one of the things, so you, you mentioned you started a newsletter.


Chanelle : correct? Yes.

Olivier : And do you find that a newsletter has a positive impact on your business? 

Chanelle : Absolutely. I think so. For me, or for anyone? So I guess this is a kind of a good tip for anyone. You shouldn't [00:14:00] rely on one platform. So if I was only relying on Instagram to connect with my community and Instagram deletes, like the whole app just crashes and it deletes, or there's been like something's going on with Instagram right now where a lot of people are actually losing their account.

So if that were to happen to me, would I have a business where, how am I gonna contact these craters? How am I. It's just, it's very, I almost irresponsible to only rely on one platform, which is why I brought in the newsletter. We also have TikTok now too, but the newsletter is to expedite any sort of campaign.

So we have I like to call it my roster, but we have a roster, technically subscribers of over a thousand global in influencers. It is marketed everywhere. It's marketed in my personal email signature. It's marketed in my employees email signatures. For any influencers that they're reaching out to, they can see, okay, if I subscribe here, I'll be [00:15:00] connected to future paid collaborations and stay within this community so they know to hire me again.

It's heavily marketed on Instagram, on LinkedIn, on our website everywhere. So that's kind of our main. Of contact with our community just cuz it's easier to expedite any sort of campaigns and, and get in touch with a mass amount of creators that I know are going to see the information that we're putting out.

Olivier : That's a great point. To not be anchored to one platform. And that's something I think a lot of people forget, and including myself. 

Chanelle : Absolutely.

Olivier : One question I always ask people is obviously there's, you have a growth plan, so you have a five year plan for your business, and one of the questions I ask is, do you have a business mentor or a business coach that you use?

Chanelle : I do. So his name is Edmund Chin and he has been a business mentor of mine for probably about five. and he was, he's a very important person in my business and like [00:16:00] business life, I guess you can say. He brought me to a bunch of networking events. He would sit down with me even when I was creating my resume to get the internship at MTV would sit me down and he would interview me over and over and over again until I perfected.

My interview and my resume and my cover letters and then brought me out to Toronto. Cause I didn't live in Toronto at the time, but he would bring me out to Toronto and he'd be like, these are the people that you need to meet. These are the questions that you should be asking. This is, he, he basically just taught me everything that I could know or need to know.

Olivier : That's really, that's a great story because I think that's something a lot of people. Probably would benefit from a business mentor, a business coach, even a paid one, because I think that's, we do hit a wall where we're talking to ourselves and we need that, that sort of feedback in the, in our lives, certainly in our business.

And sort of, one of the questions I was gonna ask you next is like, do you, do you suggest to people in your [00:17:00] agencies, for example, in marketing to get a business mentor or business coach within the same industry? Or do you feel like you benefited for somebody who was not part of your.

Chanelle : of your industry? I think both. I, I definitely recommend a business coach or a mentor for anyone who's in business or working like it does. You don't even need to be an entrepreneur to have one.

I think that they're. important to have because the knowledge that they have is not something that you would even think of or think about, I guess you can say. But when it comes to being in the same industry, like my business mentor was a financial advisor, which is completely different than, you know, what my business is.

And it's good to have fresh eyes, you know, someone who's not in your industry. If you, if they're in your industry, they're most likely reading all the same newsletters that you're reading. They're watching all the same videos that you're watching. They're you know, they're getting the same information that you're [00:18:00] getting.

They might have a different perspective, but ultimately when it comes down to marketing, you wanna kind of step outside of your community, I guess you can say, because they are the ones that you're essentially marketing. And they're gonna be able to come to you with fresh eyes, fresh ears, and you know, a fresh opinion that is based just on their purchasing decisions or whatever it might be.

So I think, you know, it's good to have both a mentor that's in your community in your industry that can help you, but also having someone that you can, that's not in your industry, that you can kind of talk to and ask for advice as a consumer that's being marketed.

Olivier : That's a great point. And I think that's something that's, you know, I didn't even think about, you know, somebody that's, Definitely needs to happen, sort of give you information, feedback that's not necessarily in your own field because you will be stuck in the same loop both of you. So that's really great point.

Chanelle : mm-hmm.

Olivier : My, my next question is if you [00:19:00] can leave yourself a voicemail from, you know, today for your past self, 30 seconds minute, would, what would you say to yourself to, you know, to watch out or to do differently 

Chanelle : oh my goodness. To my past self. So another major roadblock for me was I was, again, like I, I just have issues with not doing everything myself and.

that has become an issue currently where I need to do everything and then I'm, I'm not having enough time or I'm burnt out in doing other things that are important, like running the business and being able to scale and grow the business. I mean on a client's, from a a client's perspective, everything is great and you know, they're happy with the results and everything's very professional.

But on my side of things, I'm like, I'm working 16 hour days and I am exhaust. And I'm gonna have a mental breakdown. So, you know, if I could say, say something to my past self, [00:20:00] even myself from yesterday, is stop doing everything yourself. It is okay to ask for help. It doesn't make you less of a person, it doesn't make you less of a business person.

It, there's no weakness in asking for help. So I think I would tell my past to ask for.

Olivier : That's, that's brilliant. Yeah, it's so true. I think we, as entrepreneurs, we get caught up like we were saying earlier, of trying to do everything and and I think that's a, that's a question a lot of people need to answer when they're looking at their business and certainly in their five years. So that's a great point. 

Chanelle : Yeah. We're finally, we're finally doing that. So we're building out an amazing team. I mean, we've, we've had an amazing team of four and now we're kind of building beyond that, so we're bringing in like in-house creators, whereas before I was creating all the content and, you know, the more we have more clients, I, I just.

Create all this content that's like a hundred videos [00:21:00] so week. So yeah, just like even, even doing stuff like that where even though I enjoy creating that content, I can do that, but I shouldn't be doing it on such a mass scale because I'm still running a business.

Olivier : Yeah, and if you want growth, you need to hire, you need to outsource, 

all right, so we're gonna switch gears a little bit because half is to know about your business, and the other half is to know about you as an entrepreneur and what makes you tick. So the first question I'd love to ask is, what makes you productive? How do you stay productive?

Chanelle : Oh, there's a, there's a lot of things that keep me productive. So I have I have a notebook beside me and it's my to-do list. And I actually, I read this one book, atomic Habits that. I read that and I was talking about the paradigms.

I believe it was where, where, oh, I don't remember it exactly, but it was, it was categorized in four different categories of like priority I don't know the, what the other word was. But anyways, I do that now, [00:22:00] so I will mark everything off. I'm like, okay, this is my priority. This is my secondary, this is my third.

I need to check off my priorities before I get into my secondaries and my third. That has helped me become productive because I am such a scatter brain. I'm like, I need to do everything all at once, all in the same time, and it just, it's complete chaos. So I actually have a online platform that I use as well.

It's called Tallow, and I'll create these cards. So I will, okay, like this is what I need to create for this in terms of content. This is, I need to reach out to this person. Little stuff like that. And then it also gives me the opportunity to write descriptions in it. So I know exactly, like once I check something off my to-do list, I'll go into that.

Everything's outlined for me. I can get it done, I don't have to think about it, type of thing. So that's what keeps me productive. And then also going for walks throughout the day or even just like taking a five minute, 10 minute break [00:23:00] without my phone just laying down, just doing something, just completely resetting my.

Helps me significantly to finish my work throughout the day and actually being able to continue on without burnout.

Olivier : Yeah, that's great. And yes, I read the Atomic habits. So That's brilliant.

Chanelle : That's such a good book. I love it. I'm actually gonna read it again.

Olivier : I think it's those type of books you have to constantly read because you're, you're not gonna remember everything on the first take. It's one of those things where you just constantly go through. There's a few books like that that I constantly just go back and read.

Chanelle : Yeah, absolutely.

Olivier : My next question is, what is one personality or trait or strength do things really important in an entrepreneur?

Chanelle : Oh, this is gonna sound so cheesy cuz everyone says it, but it's drive.

It's drive. And it's confidence. It's confidence in knowing that you as a person are able to achieve whatever you want and having the drive to actually be able to do it. I think those go hand in hand if you don't have confide. [00:24:00] Your business is going to fail. If you don't have that drive, your business is going to fail.

So having both of them, I think, is, is you need to have that, even if you don't have that confidence in that moment. I can't sit here and be like, I'm confident every single day that my business is going to bring me seven figures consecutively for the rest of my life. No, there's days where I'm having.

full panic attacks. Cuz you know, one minor thing happens or I lose a, a client or whatever it might be. And I'm like, that's it for me. I'm going to fail. But when you're in those mindsets, you need to kind of take a step back and remind, remind yourself, okay, you know, I was, maybe last month you had an amazing month and the next month it's not as great.

So just going back, and this really helps me, is going back to those months where I'm like, I did that, my team and I did that. We can definitely do that again. We just had a bad month. That's fine. And just getting yourself back into that mindset of being confident, even when you're [00:25:00] not fake it. Remind yourself, say those affirmations and be like, I did that.

I can absolutely do it again.

Olivier : I love that. That's a, that's a great answer. 

And this sort of leads into my next question, which is something that I've talked a lot about with entrepreneurs is fake it. You make it, you sort of brought it in. Has that happened to you? Have you faked it till you make it? Do you feel like that's something that. You know, prevalent in your life.

Chanelle : I think when it comes to mindset, I've definitely faked it until I've made it. I, you know, when I first started out my business, I was terrified. I didn't know if this was going to succeed, but then I just, I told myself so many times, and I've worked so hard to.

Not believe in what I'm doing. So I just had kind of like this burning feeling. I'm like, you're going to be successful. Like you, you know, you're going to be successful in anything that you put your mind to. So I, I think like, [00:26:00] I fake it until you make it know, because I'm, I'm very transparent in my business and even with my employees, I'm like, oh man, we're having a bad month.

Like, you guys need to pick things up. , you know, I kinda operate that way, but when it comes to fake it until you make it mindset, it's more so reaffirming my beliefs or reaffirming until I believe what I'm saying.

Olivier : So that's really, that's a really great point. So my next question is one of my favorite questions. If there's any entrepreneur that you can go out for coffee with and pick their brain, who would it be and why?

Chanelle : I think Elon Musk. I love Elon Musk,

I just, something about him, I don't know what it is, but he is this powerful. , you know, very wealthy person who has built multiple companies and his marketing, and I think this is, this is something that I really admire about him because not only [00:27:00] is he a genius and he is clearly very good at business, but he's also very good at marketing himself.

He will say whatever the hell he wants, and I, I just, I find it hilarious because it works for him, everyone. , Elon must tweet something. It's like this whole thing, like I know even, even, even in the stock markets and like in crypto, if he tweeted something, I would immediately go check to see what cryptocurrency he's tweeting about or what stock he's talking about.

And you just see like, whoop, it like goes right up. And just like, I think the power of having that, I just would love to pick his brain like, how did you get here? What are you doing? Is there a strategy behind what you're saying or are. Rambling off and people are catching onto it. I'm just, I'm very curious about that and I would love to pick his brain.

Olivier : That's a great answer. So a lot of people have picked Elon Musk as well. Like it's funny, it's, there's there's a few key people that people have selected and, [00:28:00] and so it's really fun. But yeah, that's, he's, he's a very interesting character. I, I find him to be on two sides. He's somebody who's grown his business, obviously very capable, very intelligent, is no question about that.

But I also find him on the flip side is that he has a. He's unhinged sometimes where you can, you know, like you said, you could bring, he could bring a stock up, but at the same time he could bring a second stock right down. So it's, it's a weird phenomenon today how people are sort of tuning into tech leaders as sort of like these gurus that they follow.

So it's really interesting.

Chanelle : Mm-hmm.

Olivier : I like him too. I follow 'em on Twitter and I, it's sort of the dumpster fire that's happening on Twitter right now, so it's interesting to watch

Chanelle : Yeah. Definitely.

Olivier : my next question. And this is a question that everybody kind of like really loves is what is one business or nonfiction book that's influenced you that in your business life?

Chanelle : So I, this is kind of like a trend for me, in this podcast because I don't have one answer for everything. It's like [00:29:00] a full story for everything and multiple answers. But there's a couple books that have been. You know, exponential in my career and just forming me as the person that I am. So Tom Abts, obviously, we were just talking about that.

There's another book and I can never remember the name of it, and I don't even know where it went, but it helped me actually grow in my business. There are so many key things that I took from it to help me in my business, and it's something to do with sales. I cannot remember the name. It's a blue book, something about sales.

Or selling your business, like building up a business to be able to sell it and like scale it. And it's like this little book, but it, there's a lot of valuable information. If I figure it out, I will let you know and you put it in the description. But there's that one for business, the Atomic Habits for Mindset.

And then there is a couple other, like those Boss Bitch type of books. Sorry if I can't swear on here, but a couple of those books [00:30:00] that were really good. Christ Christine Quinn's book. How to be a boss bitch is one of my favorites. And I just and also how to be, how to get rich or get rich Lucky bitch or something like that.

I something I clearly like books that swear, but they just have this mentality and they teach you this mentality of you need to be confident in yourself. Like no one's gonna believe in you if you don't believe in. It, it just, it gives you basically all the fundamentals that you need to really build up your self-esteem and your confidence, which I really, really love.

So there's three bucks, books

Olivier : Excellent. Yeah, well definitely when you find that book, you let us know. We're gonna add it to our show notes, but I, I also, I know what you mean. The girl boss books, where it's I think there's a, a. A trend with people to, to be able to identify and to focus that energy through those books. So I think that's great.

Chanelle : great.

Olivier : So my last question is how can people , reach out and connect?

Chanelle : Yeah, absolutely. So you can follow us on Instagram, which is social lens media, and it's [00:31:00] social, l e n s Media that's on Instagram, also on TikTok. Or you can reach out to me personally through email, which is Chanel, c h a N E, LLE social lens media dot.

Our website is currently being revamped. It needed a little bit of a facelift so soon you'll be able to contact me through that, maybe the end of December. And that will have kind of all your information on our services and how to contact us as well, which is social Lens

Olivier : Perfect. And we'll be adding all that to our bio on the website. That's great. I wanna thank you so much for joining us. It was really wonderful talking to you,

Chanelle : Of course. And I have a question for you.

Olivier : ohoh. Perfect.

Chanelle : So if you could have anyone on your podcast, who would it be and why?

Olivier : That's a great question. So there's a few people that I really like and listen to. It'd be Professor Galloway, if I'm saying his name correctly. He's a professor of marketing [00:32:00] economics, nyu, and he's like this really sort of, he's sort of the anti Elon Musk,

Chanelle : Oh, really?

Olivier : That would probably be because he's, he's a very intelligent person and well spoken and he knows his stuff.

So I would enjoy just being able to have sort of the banter back and forth listening to him. And the second person I'd love to have on the show, and even possibly the two of them at the same time would've been Elon Musk, but that is kinda like Joe Rogan level podcast. I don't think my podcast is there yet, but if I ever could, that would be.

Chanelle : one day, one day mine set

Olivier : it. That's it. 25 year goal. Again, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for the question.

Chanelle : Of course. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Take care.

Olivier : Thank you for joining us today and listening to this episode of business, not 1 0 1. I hope that this interview gave you some invaluable insights and that will help you along your business journey. If you have any questions, comments, feel free to reach out to me and as always, please like share and follow.

Thank you and until next episode.[00:33:00]