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47. Representation in the Sustainability & Environmental Space With Ariel Green

July 26, 2022 Stephanie Moram Episode 47
Green Junkie
47. Representation in the Sustainability & Environmental Space With Ariel Green
Show Notes

Representation matters. Period. And it’s so important for me to have conversations that bring this critical subject to the forefront of our minds. 

Sustainability needs to be a 360 approach that includes ALL voices from all backgrounds and walks of life because we can’t care for our planet if we don’t care for ALL the humans inhabiting it. 

In this episode, I speak to Ariel Green (aka the sustainable brown girl) about representation and inclusivity in the sustainability movement. 

You won’t want to miss this episode, where we discuss, 

  • The importance of giving indigenous and people of colour voices in our communities
  • Why representation is all of our responsibility
  • How to be more inclusive in your community 
  • Who you should be following on the ‘gram to learn more about sustainability practices

You’ll discover that and so much more in this episode.

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Thanks for listening and being here.

Your green bestie,
xoxo Stephanie

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