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56. The Hidden Secrets of the Beauty Industry With Lorraine Dallmeier

September 27, 2022 Stephanie Moram Episode 56
Green Junkie
56. The Hidden Secrets of the Beauty Industry With Lorraine Dallmeier
Show Notes

How many beauty products do you use in a day? From skincare to deodorant, all the way down to toothpaste - the average human uses A LOT of products. 

The average woman will spend an average of 200k on beauty products alone. Isn't that staggering?

So I brought Lorraine Dallmeier onto the podcast so we could discuss all things sustainable beauty. How brands are improving and what we as consumers can do to consume less and help lessen the beauty industry's impact on the environment.

In this episode, I will touch on:

  • How to define sustainable beauty
  • The four pillars of sustainable beauty
  • How to have less when it comes to beauty products
  • What the beauty industry is doing right, and where could they improve

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