Mornings With Jesus


March 14, 2022 Joshua Scott Zeitz Season 2 Episode 90
Mornings With Jesus
Show Notes

Adam and eve are the prime examples of what it means to not know what you have until its too late! 

they had everything! and had they abstained from partaking from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, replenished the earth like God commanded them to do and eaten from the tree of life they would have ruled millions upon millions and billions of people, they would have been second only to God Himself! 

They had everything and yet to them, they had nothing! 

They were blinded! In this day and age of social media and comparison christianity we have the opportunity to look about us in the blink of an eye and see all that everyone else has and we say things like, “I wish I had what they have!” 

“I wish I had their life!”
“I wish I had their stuff!”


Because we equate stuff with success!
We equate beauty with success!
We equate quantity with success!
We look on the outside, but can I encourage you for a moment and tell you emphatically that God looks on the heart! 

He doesn’t look at our bank account or our job title! He doesn’t look at our house or the size of our television!
He doesn’t see through the filters provided on instagram, snapchat, or facebeook!

He looks on the heart! 

He see behind the veil! 

He sees where no one esle is able to see and He speaks directly to the God-given, God-induced, God-inspried potential on the inside of us!

He speaks to the waves and they obey Him!
He tells dry bones to live and they must obey! 
He is the resurrection and the life!
He is alpha and omega!

He sees the end from the beginning and He calls those things which be not as though they are!

His qualification system is so much higher amd different than ours and if He can’t find someone humble enough to take the position, He will use a donkey to get the job done! 

If He can’t find the right person for the job, He’ll go out in the lowly fields where sheepherders are!

If He can’t get us to stop comparing ourselves amongst each other puffing out our chests in spiritual pride, He will gather a measly 300 men led by a cowardly young man to slay an entire army!

As we endeavor to embark upon 2022, I think it’s about time we give credit where credit is due, that we stop worshiping at the feet of mankind and giving all our praise to those who have zero power to provide our needs! 

I think its high time we stop lifting up men and women so high on pedastals of pride because of their job title, their social media footprint, or their abiltiy to read a script and return to the basica of lifting up the One who os worthy of the Highest praise!!

I say it’s time to give honor to the One who laid down His life to give us life!

To begin honoring the men ans women who honor Him! Who give presendence to the poor and the needy, who sacrifice day in and day out to bring the gospel to downtrodden and the hopeless!

The Bible puts it this way: if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves I will heal their land!

What do you say saints? How about we boycott riding the curtails of people succeeding in this worldy realm and realize once and for all that this place is not our home! We are strangers and pilgrims passing through!

We are citizens of Heaven! We have so much more than meets the eye or that we are able to showcase on social media!

Our real treasure lies within our hearts, within our families, within the relationships that we forge while on this journey together!

It’s not about amassing stuff and being a somebody others can adore, it’s about laying down our life on a daily basis, picking up our cross, and following the One whom all will one day adore, Jesus Christ!

Until next time, remember: what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you!!