Mornings With Jesus

B.A.S.I.C pt.4 - Immanuel

December 24, 2021 Joshua Scott Zeitz Season 1 Episode 88
Mornings With Jesus
B.A.S.I.C pt.4 - Immanuel
Show Notes

It's Christmas Eve! Enjoy! 

by: Joshua Scott Zeitz

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the world
Darkness loomed large
sin was unfurled
lonely & lost
empty & broken
the state of our souls
til Your Word, it was spoken!
first to a girl, then to some shepherds,
then to some wise men
who readied thier treasures 
You could have just done it,
You could have just came,
but You stepped in our mess 
You called us by name!
from Adam and Eve
who sinned in the garden
to Moses the grinch
whose heart you unhardened
to David who lied, murdered, & cheated
to Mary, a woman, tormented with demons
to a wicked young man,
twisted with fear
to my wondering heart in a jail did appear,
the Hope of mankind 
in a babe had come near!
Forget the coal 
We all deserved Hell
What we got was a baby,
God with us this Christmas,
this story to tell,
how Jesus split Heaven 
and gave up His throne
For a chance at God in us,
our hearts, His new home!
Let’s celebrate Christmas,
with this as our plea,
to worship the One,
who hung on a tree!
who laid down His life,
with the greatest of care,
To be with us always,
a love story to share! 

Merry Christmas!!!!

In Christ, 
Joshua Scott Zeitz