What Dreamers Do

Love Is a Living Thing: How I Gave Up and Found Love

February 10, 2022 Carla Gover Season 1 Episode 14
What Dreamers Do
Love Is a Living Thing: How I Gave Up and Found Love
Show Notes

I love a good love story, so I decided to share the improbable story of how I met my true companion a bit later in life. (Even though we'd met as kids when my search for baklava in a town we'd both just moved to landed me in his dad's bakery!)
I get candid about my own struggles to find harmony in the realm of romance, in spite of most things in my life going pretty well.
I also talk about the dance of how  how I made what I thought was an impossible list of characteristics I was looking for in a companion and vowed not to date anyone who didn't meet them ALL, how my partner and I got to know each other when we were both a bit "gun-shy", and  a mystical moment when I first started to believe we could have something truly special together!

I also share three of the qualities that I believe comprise a great relationship, and what makes this one so different (and fulfilling) for me.

Thanks for listening to my stories, and please feel free to share yours with me---I'd love to hear what you're dreaming of in love or a tale of how you met YOUR sweetie! Contact me at carla@carlagover.com or over on the 'gram @kentuckycarla

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