What Dreamers Do

Appalachian Artivism (Part 2): An Interview with Sam Gleaves

March 17, 2022 Carla Gover Season 1 Episode 18
What Dreamers Do
Appalachian Artivism (Part 2): An Interview with Sam Gleaves
Show Notes

This week I'm continuing my chat with musician/songwriter/educator/Appalachian Artivist Sam Gleaves about a bevy of subjects dear to our hearts and our work in Kentucky and beyond.

He talks about how his work with cultural organizations such as the Appalshop, The Highlander Center, and Berea College have deepened his activism in the mountains.
He also shares more about the educational work he does with Berea College in teaching traditional ad bluegrass music to students there from many cultures and places.

We discuss the tightrope that artists living and working in traditional art forms sometimes face in trying to convey our authentic truths while maintaining awareness that sometimes our audiences have vastly different sociopolitical or religious beliefs than we do. 

Sam also shares more about navigating the traditional music world as a queer man, how his music has changed as he has embodied his personal truth, and the importance of singers as storytellers who have the power to help shape new narratives of the world. (And how they're MORE than just entertainers!)

And when asked about coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, anxiety, and despair around world events, his biggest exhortation is.....SING!

Artists/Links mentioned in show:
Sam Gleaves Website
Sam Gleaves on Facebook
Appalshop Cultural Organization
Highlander Center
The STAY Project
Cowan Creek Mountain Music School
Reel World String Band
My Singing Bird by Sam Gleaves

Post-Roll with information about the Appalachian Flatfooting & Clogging Academy

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