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S18E06 - Olivier Dion
July 11, 2018 Olivier Dion, Molly Schwartz
Olivier is a French entrepreneur. He created Onecub in 2011 in order to give personal data back to people. He studied telecommunications before working in big information systems implementation, where he witnessed personal data usage with no user consent on a large scale. After a few months in an open data association Olivier decided to start his own startup with the vision of empowering people with their data. He started to join different expert circles in the US and in France and then talked about this vision to French big industry and user groups. Then GDPR was voted in 2016 including a new right for data portability and the situation changed for users, as companies now had to rethink their approach. Onecub raised funds and are now working in the booming French and European PIMS (Personal Information Management System) sector. Onecub offers a PIMS and is also working on Data Portability commons and standards based on blockchain technology. The vision now is to decentralise personal data management.
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