Breast Cancer Connection

Having a Say: How To Navigate Challenges & Barriers in Breast Cancer Care

October 19, 2022 Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN) Episode 7
Breast Cancer Connection
Having a Say: How To Navigate Challenges & Barriers in Breast Cancer Care
Show Notes

Living through a breast cancer diagnosis while navigating a complex healthcare system can be overwhelming for patients and their loved ones. In this episode, guest expert Niya Chari addresses challenges and barriers faced by patients, while providing tips to help patients be their own advocates throughout their breast cancer experience. This podcast episode was supported by Hoffmann-La Roche Limited.

Terms, tools and tips mentioned in this episode:
‘Drug Access Navigators’ or DANs are healthcare professionals mostly found in cancer clinics who assist patients with access to drugs and treatments as well as funding opportunities to access these treatments. Find more information about Drug Access Navigators here.

‘Patient Support Programs’ or PSPs refer to funding assistance sometimes provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers to patients on specific treatments. PSPs may provide patients with access to a specific drug for free until public or private coverage can be obtained, cover extra medical costs, deliver treatment to patient residences or assist with other services such as drug adherence reminders. For more information on Patient Support Programs, click here.

Click here to access the CBCN’s FinancialNavigator, a tool to aid in finding sources for financial assistance and national/provincial programs to help ease financial impacts.

The BEAT Cancer Coalition is a collaborative group of patient advocates, clinicians, academic centres, diagnostic manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies with the goal of bringing equitable access to advanced molecular testing for Canadians with cancer. Learn more here.

Other helpful links and resources:
For more information about self-advocating during your breast cancer journey, check out the CBCN’s Advocacy Guides, short booklets compiled on common topics such as screening, accessing genetic testing, and breast cancer surgery decisions.  

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