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Wellness is the True Wealth with Nicole Chetaud

January 26, 2023 Jen Marples Episode 97
The Jen Marples Show
Wellness is the True Wealth with Nicole Chetaud
Show Notes

Many busy entrepreneurs sacrifice their health running a business and tend to put self-care and wellness dead last on their list of priorities. That is a recipe for disaster; no one wins when we put ourselves last! In order for success, mental health, and longevity, self-care must be put on the top of our lists. That’s why this week, episode 97 of The Jen Marples Show is about Wellness is the True Wealth with Nicole Chetaud with Nicole Chetaud.

Nicole Chetaud helps entrepreneurs succeed and thrive in business through her innovative coaching/training techniques focusing on wellness, leadership, business strategy, a culture of transparency, empathy, and human potential. She is a versatile well-being industry expert with 15+ years of experience advising global business owners by offering industry-leading trends and best practices. She’s traveled the globe partnering with, the fitness/wellness software leader, leading engaging educational seminars and keynotes at over 100 international conferences, workshops, and events.

Some of the talking points Nicole and I go over in this episode include:

  • The importance of prioritizing your health and wellness as an entrepreneur.
  • Having a more meaningful impact on our employees, customers, and clients by living and modeling a healthy lifestyle.
  • How working on your business instead of always in your business is an act of self-care.
  • Learning from our past pain and turning it into our current purpose.
  • How women can show up better to support each other. 
  • Wellness tips for busy entrepreneurs.
  • Tips on navigating a health challenge.

Make sure to listen to the entire episode to receive inspiration, tips, and advice that will help you change your life and improve your business.

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