Dice and Pizza

Kairos - TRAILER (Miniseries)

May 16, 2022 Dice and Pizza Season 1
Dice and Pizza
Kairos - TRAILER (Miniseries)
Show Notes

Enter a world far from Mirios, in the shade of the canopy with the world tree’s roots running deep throughout the land of Rhune. The great city of Kairos has its Archons and its emissaries and thorns begin to bristle in the wind…

"Kairos" is a new miniseries from the cast of Dice and Pizza! We’ll be releasing the 5 part miniseries every other week starting Monday, May 30th! So sit down and get ready for a new quest!

Content Warnings:

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Dice & Pizza is
Mya Worrell @worrellmya
Justin Ricafort @sleepyjuppy
Kyla Worrell @switchnow
And Derek Aiello @derekaiello

Cover art by Jean Young (jeanyoung.me)
Music by Dane Fogdall (http://danewrites.com)
Sound Design by Brian Kim (https://brianminjaekim.wixsite.com/briankim

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