Emissions: Impossible?

Fast fashion, organic cotton and sustainable shopping

September 20, 2021 Kim Season 1 Episode 2
Emissions: Impossible?
Fast fashion, organic cotton and sustainable shopping
Show Notes

UK Research and Innovation brings you hope for the planet in the form of a nine-part podcast.

Hosted by Broadcast Journalist Kim McAllister and featuring experts from across the UK, ‘Emissions: Impossible?’ showcases some of the most ground-breaking research and innovation in climate change. We look at fashion, food, transport, health, space, and more.

From eating grasshoppers to turning rubbish into fashion, Kim asks “what can we each do to help get to net zero?”

In episode 2 Kim is joined by Dr Mark Sumner, Lecturer in Sustainable Fashion at the School of Design, University of Leeds to talk about our fashion choices and how the supply chain is changing.

They are joined by Nikki Matthews, R&D Programme Manager at BFTT who discusses the programme, backed by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. A recent report they commissioned shows the strong desire for fashion and textiles businesses to make more sustainable choices in their business models. Find our more about their R&D programme here

Kresse Wesling, of Elvis and Kresse, explains how she is redefining waste by making bags and accessories from decommissioned fire hoses, as well as other unwanted products.

Find out more about the fashion brands you purchase and their sustainability policies by searching for initiatives like Textiles 2030, the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, the Ethical Fashion Initiative and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

You can read more about UKRI’s climate-related research here.  Or follow them on Instagram  or YouTube .

From catwalk to landfill - read our article here to learn more about waste in the fashion industry.