Emissions: Impossible?

What does a Net Zero economy really look like?

October 11, 2021 Kim Season 1 Episode 5
Emissions: Impossible?
What does a Net Zero economy really look like?
Show Notes

UK Research and Innovation brings you hope for the planet in the form of a nine-part podcast.

Hosted by Broadcast Journalist Kim McAllister and featuring experts from across the UK, ‘Emissions: Impossible?’ showcases some of the most ground-breaking research and innovation in climate change. We look at fashion, food, transport, health, space, and more.

In this episode we have the opportunity to rip it all up and start again, asking 'what does a net zero economy really look like?'

Kim is joined by ecological economist Professor Tim Jackson to discuss whether an economy can be as much about health as it is about wealth.

Dr Anna Valero , ESRC innovation fellow at London School of Economics reveals where the UK's strengths lie, while Leeds University research fellow Andrew Sudmant provides some clues as to how our workforce can change.

This episode features work from the Economic and Social Research Council - you can find more information on CUSP here, the CCEP here, the Economics Observatory here and  the Place Based Climate Action Network here.

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