On the Couch with Luke Cummings: Talking Mergers and Acquisitions
On the Couch
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On the Couch
On the Couch with Luke Cummings: Talking Mergers and Acquisitions
May 30, 2024
Marcus Today

Welcome to the latest episode of 'On the Couch'. This occasional podcast series of chats with brokers, CEOs, and fund managers aims to give you an insight into the investing world.

In this episode, Henry Jennings is joined by Luke Cummings from Harvest Lane Asset Management.

Luke is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of this pure-play M&A fund, specialising in takeover arbitrage.

He has more than 20 years of financial markets experience.

In this podcast, they discuss:

  • Why M&A?
  • The M&A Checklist.
  • What is so special about Harvest Lane?
  • How do you assess the risk-reward of a bid going through?
  • Do you identify M&A targets beforehand (and take a position) or wait until the deal is announced?
  • Is there an optimal point to take profits?
  • What sort of return do you target for a bid situation?
  • What advice can you give to retail investors playing this game?

Disclaimer: This is general advice only and you should consult your financial adviser regarding any of the thoughts, ideas or insights in this podcast.

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