Never Underestimate Strategy | Episode 55

October 25, 2022 Big Pixel Season 1 Episode 55
Never Underestimate Strategy | Episode 55
Show Notes

In this episode, David and Gary get into it all! They start with Meta’s legs update in VR, talk about Microsoft Designer, Kayne West saying that he wants to buy Parler, and even their thoughts on Chris Pratt playing the voice of Mario. But where the two really get into it, is when they discuss the reason for the free strategy session at the Big Pixel. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

TheBigPixel - Free Strategy Session
TechCrunch - Meta's Legs Update Is Not On The Horizon Yet
Microsoft Designer
The Verge - Kayne West Is Buying 'Free Speech Platform' Parler
YouTube - The Super Mario Bros. Movie - Official Teaser Trailer
GameRant - The Super Mario Bros. Movie: Chris Pratt's Mario
YouTube - John Campea - Super Mario Bros Trailer - People HATE Chris Pratt's Mario Voice


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