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How To Install Mods On Minecraft (Mac & PC) [UPDATED]

September 13, 2021
Minecraft Shaders Podcast
How To Install Mods On Minecraft (Mac & PC) [UPDATED]
Show Notes

If you want to add mods on your Minecraft World, then congrats you are on the right way keep scroll down and get the complete guide.
Minecraft mods are a thing for a number of years now. However, since Minecraft dipped in popularity, so did modding.

So, many players are wondering, a way to install mods on Minecraft, both Mac users, and PC users. We’ll undergo the entire process below.


A Minecraft mod is an independent, user-made modification to Minecraft. Tens of thousands of these mods survive, and users can download them from the internet for free.

Utilizing additional software, several mods are typically able to be used at the same time in order to improve gameplay.

It simply changes the gaming mod i.e. if we want to add some newer and interesting things in our Minecraft then we must add such a particular mod for that.

While adding mod, it required Minecraft shaders for enhancing the graphics of that Minecraft.


Minecraft Forge is that the application that players got to start installing mods on Minecraft. With that said, you’ll need Minecraft Forge for both PC and Mac mods.

How to Install Mods on PC

Installing Forge on PC

  • Download the newest version of Java.
  • Go to the Minecraft Forge page.
  • Select a version within the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Then, press on ‘Installer’ in the ‘Download Recommended’ menu on the proper.
  • Once it's downloaded, open the file. Select ‘Install Client’ then ‘OK’.

Installing Mods on PC

Mods may be downloaded from multiple sites like minecraftshaders.io , CurseForge, and some others. Here is how a typical mod installation looks like:

  • Go to a mod downloading site, and find a mod that you wish to install.
  • Make sure you download a version, that version you installed Forge for.
  • After downloading the mod within the version which is compatible, open the start menu and type in ‘%appdata%’.
  • Go to .minecraft, then open the mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded mod to that folder.

Then, whether the mods are activated or not, are often controlled through the Mods menu in Minecraft, in the main menu. Something which Forge gives you full control of.

How to Install Mods on Mac

Installing Forge on Mac

  • Navigate to the Forge download site.
  • From the menu on the left, select a version of Minecraft for which you want to install mods.
  • Then, download the installer from the ‘Download Recommended’ menu.
  • Go to the Downloads folder, and open the Forge installer.
  • Select ‘Install Client’ and hit OK.

Create a Mods Folder on Mac

  • Open Finder, and go to Library.
  • Navigate to Application Support, then Minecraft, and make a folder called ‘mods’.

Installing Mods on Mac

Again, use sites like MinecraftMods, CurseForge, and others to induce the mods that you simply desire. As for the installation of mods for Minecraft on Mac, it goes as follows:

  • Find a mod on a modding site, and download a version compatible together with your Forge, which should be a similar version.
  • Then, open the mods folder that you just created before.
  • Drag and drop the mod that you simply downloaded into the mods folder!
  • That’s it.

So in this way, you will get the Minecraft Mods easily and instantly. 
Hope it will helpful!!