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EP20: How to Choose the Right Water Filter for Your Home with Allini Water

April 27, 2022 Adam Kayce
Home Design Podcast
EP20: How to Choose the Right Water Filter for Your Home with Allini Water
Show Notes

Learn the Truth about what is in your water at home with Jamie Zappier of Allini Water.

Through this podcast episode Jamie dives into the reality of water filtration systems that are available to South Florida homeowners and businesses. There are multiple forms of filtration but which system is best for you and the water type in your home. There are so many important factors to selecting the right system but knowing the right questions to ask the professionals will help guide you to the proper system. We will also learn about what makes Allini Water Filters different.

What will happen to your home when your water is not properly filtered?

- High Calcium will cause damage to plumbing (faucets, shower heads, appliances, etc)
- Alkalinity will cause corrosion
- Discolored water (noticeable yellow tint)

What type of water filters are available to homeowners?
- Ion Exchange (water softening system)
- Reverse Osmosis (drinking water system)
- Multi media or Carbon Based Filtration
- Nano Purification (pharmaceutical grade purification system)

Do you know the difference between removal and reduction for when it comes to filtration?
Do you know the PROS and CONS to each type of water filtration system?

What are the good minerals and which are the bad minerals?
- Calcium is not a bad mineral as we do need Calcium in our bodies. (do not remove)
- Small amounts of Zinc and Magnesium should not be completely removed from your water but they should be restructured to remove the negative effects. (leave some)

Get the TOP TIPS that you should know when selecting the right water filtration system for your home.

Learn more about Allini Water Filters.

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