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EP31: Innovation of Stretch Ceilings & Lighting with Velum Design
EP31: Innovation of Stretch Ceilings & Lighting with Velum Design 1:01:30 EP30: The World of Bathroom Refinishing with Miracle Method 33:54 EP29: Luxury Home Building and the Process of Perfection with Terry Paterson 1:29:42 EP28: Natural Stones from the Quarry to Your Home with Interstones 1:17:17 EP27: 2023 Design Trends with KJ Design Collective 48:54 EP26: VINTAGE Home Design Trends with Regency Revival 59:57 EP25: Luxury Appliances with Mike Robertson of Fuse Specialty Appliances 46:13 EP24: South Florida Real Estate + Airbnb Investing with Mari Juliette 52:54 EP23: Paint Trends with Mariel Basurco of Sherwin-Williams 1:00:38 EP22: EXOTIC HARDWOODS 101 and How To Select the Right Wood for Your Home Project with The Deck Diva of Brazilian Lumber 37:20 EP21: The BEST Plants for Your Home from Real to Artificial with The Plant Guy 31:36 EP20: How to Choose the Right Water Filter for Your Home with Allini Water 30:41 EP19: INSULATION 101 with Michael McLennon of SunPro Insulation 33:35 EP18: The Importance of Renderings in the Home Design Process 30:34 EP17: A Look into Luxury Interior Design 33:38 EP16: Small Space, Big Impact with Taniya Nayak 34:41 EP15: The Jewelry of the Home 54:42 EP015: The Story of Artist Brandon Clarke 46:31 EP14: The Mistmaster 27:35 EP13: How Home Automation Can Change Your Life 33:32 EP12: The Evolution of Tables 49:57 EP11: Media and the Home Show 55:37 EP10: What is Biophilic Design, and How will it Change your Life? 31:02 EP09: The King of Quartz 34:10 EP08: Financing Made Easy 22:02