Women and ADHD with Trina Hayes

July 01, 2022 Trina Hayes Season 1 Episode 28
Women and ADHD with Trina Hayes
Show Notes

Today we are talking about ADHD. 
Specifically women and ADHD and why so many are not finding out they have ADHD until they are 30, 40, or 50 plus years old.
With the help of Instagram creator Trina Hayes, a late diagnosed member of "Lady ADHD", I learn more about what ADHD can look like in women.   From time blindness to low self esteem, we take a look at why ADHD is more than hyper little boys.

More about Trina Hayes:
Trina started My Lady ADHD as a love letter to all the women like her who waited until later in life to get an ADHD diagnosis.  Her hope is to build a community of women who understand and feel empowered by their ADHD.  As a digital creator, she makes incredibly informative and entertaining content on social media.  She also offers coaching and mentorship services to newly diagnosed ADHD-ers who need another ADHD woman to lean on and who truly understands the intricacies of the symptoms and how life can be impacted and ultimately better managed.  She is always quick to put out the disclaimer that she is “NOT A DOCTOR”, so I will re-emphasize that here.  She is an ADHD woman looking to help and connect with other ADHD women.   You can follow Trina on :
Instagram: @myladyADHD

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