Still Curious
Sitting Power: why the won game is the easiest to lose - John Fawole | S3E3
Sitting Power: why the won game is the easiest to lose - John Fawole | S3E3 1:08:26 Planning for a Positive Future: Natural Hazards, Risk, and Climate Change Adaptation - Lara Clarke | S3E2 1:17:24 “I’m crafting a story to get something done” - Sam Hoffman | S3E1 1:14:04 Combining parenting, adventure and outdoor education with Erich Leidums from That Mountain Life | S2E13 56:47 From guilt at leaving teaching to designing student wellbeing at scale, with Maria Fernanda Puertas | S2E12 1:09:31 Living life out of sequence, with engagement and experience leader Grace Liaw | S2E11 1:12:44 How we design conscious, creative and caring virtual learning - Seth Fleischauer | S2E10 1:07:16 Navigating the passing of a loved one with estate planning lawyer and author Robert Kabacy | S2E9 1:04:46 From classroom to corporate with TESOL teacher and instructional designer Diego Boada | S2E8 1:04:30 TikTok teaching and activism with philoso-rapper Nathan Dufour Oglesby aka 'Nathanology' | S2E7 1:15:12 From hating math to being a data analyst - Cristina Huidiu | S2E6 51:46 James Birt - mixed reality, computer games and e-sports educator | S2E5 1:13:35 Why I refuse to sacrifice my curiosity for the sake of passing a test - Danu Poyner | S2E4 24:18 Ann Collins - executive coach and language school owner | S2E3 1:04:36 Amanda Young - Service Delivery Relationship Lead and Hobby Enthusiast | S2E2 1:04:14 Still Curious – Trailer 0:59 "I'll give that a crack": a squiggly story of science leadership - Maxine Bryant | S2E1 1:03:15 “I just need to know them very well”: connecting with young special needs students - Travis Yuan | S1E11 1:02:45 No time to be curious when you're constantly at the grind - Kat Daley | S1E10 1:02:03 "Don't start demoing, start listening": Why the salespeople we trust are experts in their clients' needs - Bo Alroe | S1E9 1:03:32 "Tell someone who cares": a shout-out to caring people who move within uncaring systems - Danu Poyner | S1E8 20:52 I moved to the middle of nowhere and found everything I'd been missing - Kathryn Harris | S1E7 59:59 Creativity, classrooms, calligraphy: "You never know what it's going to be until it's finished" - Peter Gilderdale | S1E6 1:07:48 "Whose rule is that?" Examining the self-talk that limits our potential - Gail Reichert | S1E5 1:04:58 Turn your curiosity into action before inspiration fades - Carl Leducq | S1E4 57:21