Still Curious
“I was so undecided”: navigating personal fulfilment and professional purpose - Christopher Schoenwald | S4E2
“I was so undecided”: navigating personal fulfilment and professional purpose - Christopher Schoenwald | S4E2 50:26 Calibrate your inner compass with a sense of gratitude for the peculiar - Lawrence Yeo | S4E1 1:16:47 27 gifts of life-changing learning and one radical conclusion - an audio essay | S3E9 41:36 Listening with the heart: how the wisdom of plants helps us remember our connection to the divine - Amanda Nicole | S3E8 1:27:26 Unlocking the power of purposeful play - Trudi Boatwright | S3E7 1:19:36 “One breath at a time”: daring life, mindfulness, and non-self - Lalith Gunaratne | S3E6 1:20:37 “You don’t need a lab coat”: transforming chemistry education through imagination and play - Colleen Kelley | S3E5 1:16:16 Unconscious Printouts, Threshold Guardians and Dead Man’s Dreams - The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo | S3E4 1:30:06 Sitting Power: why the won game is the easiest to lose - John Fawole | S3E3 1:07:10 Planning for a Positive Future: Natural Hazards, Risk, and Climate Change Adaptation - Lara Clarke | S3E2 1:16:08 “I’m crafting a story to get something done” - Sam Hoffman | S3E1 1:12:48 Free yourself from external validation: unschooling, outdoor adventure and That Mountain Life - Erich Leidums | S2E13 55:31 From guilt at leaving teaching to designing student wellbeing at scale, with Maria Fernanda Puertas | S2E12 1:08:15 Living life out of sequence, with engagement and experience leader Grace Liaw | S2E11 1:11:27 How we design conscious, creative and caring virtual learning - Seth Fleischauer | S2E10 1:06:00 Navigating the passing of a loved one with estate planning lawyer and author Robert Kabacy | S2E9 1:03:30 From classroom to corporate with TESOL teacher and instructional designer Diego Boada | S2E8 1:03:14 TikTok teaching and activism with philoso-rapper Nathan Dufour Oglesby aka 'Nathanology' | S2E7 1:13:56 From hating math to being a data analyst - Cristina Huidiu | S2E6 50:30 From Player to Educator: Embracing Games in Education - James Birt | S2E5 1:12:18 Why I refuse to sacrifice my curiosity for the sake of passing a test - Danu Poyner | S2E4 24:18 Ann Collins - executive coach and language school owner | S2E3 1:03:20 My job title doesn't define me: finding joy in diverse interests - Amanda Young | S2E2 1:02:58 Still Curious – Trailer 0:59 "I'll give that a crack": a squiggly story of science leadership - Maxine Bryant | S2E1 1:01:59