Cultivation - Growth talks from a Veteran

Cultivation - Ep.16 - Knock out your goals…NOW!! - Help with your New Year Resolutions

January 12, 2022 Tony Tone Episode 16
Cultivation - Growth talks from a Veteran
Cultivation - Ep.16 - Knock out your goals…NOW!! - Help with your New Year Resolutions
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📕Show Notes

Few things I talk about in this video:

💡Identify what motivates you:  3:30

💡Identify what de-motivates you:  5:17

💡Prepare to fail:  6:46

💡Don’t limit yourself:  10:13

💡Easily Break down your goals:  12:35

💡Party up:  17:02

💪🏾Challenge for the week:  25:48 -

Other things worth mentioning:  

🤼‍♂️Talking about WWE (it’s WWF to me) wrestling:  17:58-20:47

🗣Battle rap - NWX, my antics, etc:  20:56

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- Pre Intro:  Every, ever every year we set up New Year goals.  And Every Year some of us very capable, smart, successful people fail.  Is it because we can’t do it?  Not at all.  It’s because of the mindset of us and those around us.  Sometimes we just don’t have the right support around us to knock out our goals.  In this episode here’s help for your New Year Resolutions.  

- Intro:  


- Content:  

Cultivation Ep.16 – Knock out your Goals…NOW!  This is help for your New Year Resolutions. 


I have some simple advice to help you achieve most goals people want to achieve.  You are going to accomplish your Resolutions this year because you will be able to identify what motivates you, identify what demotivates you, be prepared to fail, not limit what you can do, easily break down your goals, and you will band together with those around you.  Following this simple math, you’re gonna do big things in 2022.  Now like I said, it’s about your mindset, if you want to do it, you can do it.  


Identify what motivates you.  What motivates you to achieve your goal?  Let’s go back to what motivate means.  Honestly, I don’t really like to use the word motivate so much…The word motivate doesn’t really mean much nowadays, so let’s use other words.  Arouse, Encourage, Excite, Fire up, Instigate, move, provoke.  You have to find out what [insert your favorite word].  When you find out what that is, every time you go at your goal, keep that in mind, if you need physical representation of that, get a picture, a letter, memento, or something that we jumpstart your motivation.


Identify what de-motivates you.  After you identify what motivates you, it’s now to think about what doesn’t do it for you.  In my experience, what I can say about things that de-motivate you, is to distance yourself from them.  Now I understand that sometimes our friends and loved ones are the ones that can be the cause for de-motivation.  In the case of friends or loves ones, let them know!  You don’t have to be rude…but you have to be honest with those around you…Sometimes their goals aren’t your goals and that’s okay.  If they love you, they will understand…In 2022, if you are not supportive of a person achieving their goals….YOU TOXIC!


Be prepared to fail.  Someone else that is toxic is you if you think you about to breeze through this.  If you think you about to just accomplish all your goals with no issues…you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  You will fail, this is a fact of life.  It’s not about the Ls that you take while trying to get what you want…it’s about the effort that you put towards what you want…if you don’t use effort, you will not do what you want to do…and then you gonna be tight, probably blaming people, when the fact is, you might not understand that you been programmed to do the opposite of whatever it is you are trying to do.  So you already have habits that are in place, problems that might be huge, and situations are a complex.  If you get out and set your goal to run three miles every day, and you get out there and your body is like:  I got half a mile.  Do half a mile.  Keep doing that until you get to three.  But if you say, dam, I can’t do three miles, oh well, then you won’t get to where you need to be.  Let say you want to save up $3,000 by March.  Things coming up left and right, you saving 30 here 70 there, but then March comes, and you have $500.  That’s a $2,500 difference.  Are you just going to forget about your goal for $3,000?  No, 3 bands is 3 bands.  So sometimes you might have to adjust your goals!  Accept your shortcomings and move on.  


Don’t Limit what you can accomplish:  Speaking of moving on, I was watching my 600 lb life, and I can’t lie, it’s like one of my favorite shows.  And I can’t lie, I do laugh…I’m sorry…But I do root for them, because I know they can achieve these goals that they set.  Sometimes they have these goals where they are walking, and they do something like walk from the bed to the mailbox.  Most people’s mailbox is just outside of their front door.  They can’t do it.  Sometimes, when it comes to our goals, we allow our minds to tell us what we can and can’t do.  You have to ability to make yourself do what you have to do, and you have the ability to make yourself NOT do it.  Anyone dealing with weight issues.


Easily break down your goals.  We talked about having the ability to make yourself do or not do something.  It’s this same about that helps you simplify your goals by breaking them down.  Breaking down goals for me has been somewhat simple over the years.  I remember I was going through some stuff and I want to see the Chaplain, which is basically like a psychologist, in the military.  Most people think they some dude that walk around strapped with bibles instead of guns and they try to baptize you all day.  This chaplain told me, to attack my issues like I would approach eating an elephant.  Now an elephant is a huge animal, and if I was trying to eat one, I would need to break that one down…eat a leg here, an arm there, and so on.  We were talking about life ISSUES, but I understood what he meant.  And he meant that no matter how big your issues are, if you break them down, you can resolve them little by little.  Same thing with your goals.  In my profession, I currently am very qualified, and I know some people be hating.  What do for my qualifications, is make lists.  We have something call PQSs (Personnel Qualification Standards) which basically is a sheet with a brief descriptions of standards of the qualification a person has to show they have the knowledge in, and it’s usually in the form of line items usually in a lot!.  I create lists of each item that I need to do, and I do things like…I’ll do three on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…Next thing you know I do a board to show I know my stuff and I’m qualified…that’s my secret!  When it comes to your goals, don’t worry about the big picture so much, focus on the process, and you will be okay.  


Party Up.  One process worth mentioning that people don’t like to talk about is partying up.  I’m not talking about celebrating.  I’m talking about linking up with people and utilizing your resources around you…the most important resource….people.  Those around you can help you just like you can help them in enhancing your chances to succeed.  Shawn Michael, HBK was legendary.  He would hit you with the sweet chin music, it was over.  I grew up with this dude named Drew, one Easter Sunday, we used to all play WWF, and this chick Sharita came through, and he liked her.  She came through with the Mary Poppings dress, with the big shoulders…anyway…Drew had the penny loafers on…like Michael had.  She came through because me and my group of guys, we were like the baddest kids, and everybody rocked with us.  She came through and hit her with the sweet chin music---took her head off.  She was crying…I felt bad.  But anyway Shawn Michaels, by himself, he was FIRE.  I wanted to be HBK! But when he and Triple H made DX?  Who didn’t know Degeneration X?  They made war is raw.  Every Monday I had my mom, uncles, family friends…everybody was watching wrestling, because when DX got together they were wild!  WWF ratings got crazy when DX came.  And when they said, “If you not down with that, then I got two words for ya…”  That’s how big partying up is.  That move was so big for them, these battle rappers years later formed a group, NWX.  I think they stole it from DX and NWO, and mixed the two but still.  One of the rappers, K-Shine, he’s good, he just would have performances where it looked like he wasn’t prepared.  Before the group, he was just a good battler, nothing crazy going on.  When he joined some other rappers, like a lot of different personalities, he started to get more money, he started having better performances and he was even on ESPN!  He was not known for shooting baskets.  It’s because he got with those around him; they put their resources together and then they all grew together.  I have a saying that I stole from one of the walls from one of these smoke rooms while in Yorktown.  My bro LJ always steals it from me now…it goes: “if you want go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together.”


With identifying your motivators and de-motivators, being prepared for your failures, not limiting yourself, easily breaking down your goals, and partying up, and getting support from those around you, you have a huge advantage to achieve your New Year Resolutions.  The rest is up to you and your mindset.  If you having a trouble with improving your mindset, pickup mindset by Carol S. Dweck.  This book can change your life like it did mine!  That’s all the advice I have to today.  Thank you!


Challenge for you this week:  I have a subreddit that I will put in my description.  This one is not for the weak at heart, but it may help you and you will probably be doing something that you have never done before.  


Tune in for the next episode.  I need some feedback on the next one.  “How important it is to give people space” or “In 2022, can you have a friend who is the opposite sex?”  


We have finally come to the end, if you made it this far, thank you so much for your time, thank you for your patience.  If I offended anyone, pardon me.  


This is Cultivation.  Download this and more episodes on your favorite podcast directories.  Comment, Like, Share, and Subscribe to stay in tune with me and get free advice whenever you need it.  


No Further Entries this page.  Tony Tone Out.