Twilight Prayers
I Thought, I Was Alone
I Thought, I Was Alone 3:57 I Keep Moving 3:22 What's Most Precious 3:28 Twists and Turns 3:39 Looking For His Appearing 3:50 The Night Belongs to You 3:04 Escape Gravity 3:42 Do Something New 4:42 Behold The Glory 3:56 When Storms Break 3:07 I Am Your Compass 3:54 Jesus You Make The Darkness Tremble 14:25 The Divine Romance 3:30 Born of God 5:05 May My Love Never Run Dry 2:21 Though The Fig Tree May Not Blossom 2:20 Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain 5:34 The Day of The Lord 3:33 Blessed are Those Who Hunger 3:46 Do Not Lose Heart, Live By Faith 8:45 Put Aside Deeds of Darkness 3:06 Momentary Troubles, Eternal Prize 3:49 How Can You Be So Numb 4:38 Since My Youth, You've Taught Me God 5:12 All In Sold Out Disciple? 6:25