Canada's Property Management Podcast
Mortgage Rates + Inflation = Opportunity
Mortgage Rates + Inflation = Opportunity 28:20 What Tenants Want (What they really, really want!) 12:42 PropTech - FinTech - Tech, Tech, Tech 12:47 The Wild West of Property Management in Canada 11:39 Successful Unit Turns 12:17 The Power of Data in Property Management 13:38 It's Just a Rental 10:06 The Investor Mindset 13:56 How to Buy Your First Rental Property 15:34 It's Tax Time for your Rental Property 8:38 What is RPM? 14:27 The Future of Property Management 13:36 Is Home Ownership Dead in Canada? 13:57 What Technology Do I Need? 17:49 Tenant or Guest? - The Importance of Differentiating 7:05 Long Distance Relationships - Investing Further Afield 10:50 Why Property Management Is A Great Business 9:39 Do I Need A Professional Property Manager? 11:36 How to Price a Rental Property? 12:37 Vacant Property Checks 7:08 Preferred vendors - it's not all about lowest cost! 10:34 Impacting Tenants Credit Scores 7:43 How to Evaluate a Potential Investment Property 13:00 Condos as an Investment - Is it a viable option? 16:17 Cashflow Vs Return on Investment 11:28