Befriending Uncertainty A Little Bit (Part 2)
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Inner Peace & Other Cool Shit
Befriending Uncertainty A Little Bit (Part 2)
Apr 18, 2023 Episode 48
Siobhán Friel

Join me for part 2 of our fresh look at uncertainty. We'll look at how to actually deal with uncertainty, AND what to do when the bad-thing-that-our-brain-made-up actually happens. 

Part one is here

Episodes and books mentioned in the show: 

"Who We Really Are Is Unbreakable” with Wyn Morgan


But What About When An Actual Bad Thing Happens?


"Security Is Built-In" with Christine Heath and Judy Sedgeman

Mara Gleason's book: 'One Thought Changes Everything' (please buy from your independent book seller where possible)


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