Upward Calling
Search your feelings
Search your feelings 30:28 What God teaches us about gender 28:58 Being an encourager like Barnabas 32:05 Why our bodies are important to God 24:41 Saved by faith 29:53 Growing up as part of the Christian remnant 31:17 The certainty of parents and students 30:17 Our certainty of salvation, a deeper look at John 6 32:45 The difference between the Jew and the Gentile 27:51 Being more Godly and how to do it 25:13 Understanding who won't be a part of God's remnant 31:42 Learning to persevere as a Christian 23:25 Becoming a smarter Christian 26:36 Using social media to build up 28:42 Working in God's kingdom 23:40 Love doesn't envy 18:49 Hope in a time of hurt 27:36 Why you need both faith and virtue 27:07 Becoming More Like God 24:09 The remnant and depending on God 28:09 Love is kind 20:22 Why the resurrection is a big deal. 26:52 Do I need to be part of a local church? 34:18 Suffering persecution as a Christian 28:17 Dangerous predictions 24:31