Upward Calling
This makes us thankful
This makes us thankful 34:00 Trusting in God 23:00 Getting along as Christians 21:18 Why is it important to believe in Jesus 19:37 Our hope 21:13 An elder's character 18:12 Why we need elders 23:46 Being Biblical 29:50 Following Jesus in everything 29:31 The faith of Abraham 23:17 The righteousness of God 26:59 Jesus as a shepherd 30:04 Flawed not failed 25:41 Misplaced pride 17:32 Back home from the Philippines 24:55 Meeting Luther Pratt 29:16 Meeting Patrick Brentlinger 17:30 What we can learn from memes 28:02 Growing together as Christians 28:49 Relational leadership, a conversation with Tommy Matthews 38:11 Understanding the Holy Spirit 30:13 How Christ overcomes the world 24:00 Providing as a leader 32:58 So how are we justified by faith? 24:04 Learning leadership from Priscilla and Aquila 35:19