35. Imposter Syndrome Part 4: Why It Happens
The Profitable Nutritionist
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The Profitable Nutritionist
35. Imposter Syndrome Part 4: Why It Happens
May 31, 2022 Episode 35
Andrea Nordling

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We’re coming at the “Imposter Syndrome” topic from a new angle on this episode.

In Episodes 15, 19 & 25 we dissected 3 ways imposter syndrome can and does show up for health and wellness business owners and keeps them from making the income and impact they so deeply desire.

So, if today's topic resonates for you, make sure you go back and check those out. You will get LOTS of gems from all the different nuances we've already looked at when it comes to the big, ugly imposter syndrome epidemic.

Which, I have to say, I don't think is a problem at all. In fact, I think if you have feelings of imposter syndrome, IT’S A GOOD THING.

I can’t wait to explain why. Let’s dive in.

Send in your Q’s about ANYTHING here: https://www.speakpipe.com/askandrea

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