59. Fearing Judgement from Others
The Profitable Nutritionist
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The Profitable Nutritionist
59. Fearing Judgement from Others
Nov 15, 2022 Episode 59
Andrea Nordling

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Let me ask you a question that I wish someone would have asked me somewhere around 2005 when I was first dipping my toe into the waters of entrepreneurship and starting to sell real estate (as an infant at age 22, basically):

How much time do you spend trying to micromanage relationships in your life and perceptions of others around you so they don't judge you or misunderstand you?

Would you lose sleep at night if someone had a misconception about you or your business and you didn't "fix it"?

Do you pull back from doing or saying the bold thing you really want to do or say because of a fear of Judgement from people in your life?

For SO MANY health and wellness business owners, the answer to these questions is YES. They do. And you might be holding yourself back for the same reasons, which Iā€™m going to teach you how to overcome with one helpful tactic in this episode.

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