135. 3 Reasons You're Behind (And How to Finally Get Ahead)
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135. 3 Reasons You're Behind (And How to Finally Get Ahead)
Apr 30, 2024 Episode 135
Andrea Nordling

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Do you remember “roll over minutes”?

You know, the concept from the 2000s where if you didn’t use your entire monthly allotment of cell phone minutes, they rolled over to the next month?

Today I want to introduce you to a similar concept:

“Roll over behind” which is absolutely a thing for business owners.

“Roll over behind” is where you carry over yesterday’s, last week’s, or last month’s unfinished tasks and “behind” into a brand new day.

How do you know if you’re guilty of doing this?

You wake up already feeling behind.

Before your day even starts.

And the worst part?

There are only 3 reasons why this happens, which means you're just 3 quick fixes away from solving this problem for good.

Listen and learn:

  • The 3 reasons you get behind as a business owner
  • The 60 second 2-step process to fix any/all of those 3 things
  • How to apply this simple framework outside of your biz so you can feel calm, relaxed and (mentally) spacious in all areas of your life instead of overwhelmed and guilty

2 minutes a day.

Never rolling over "behind".


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