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REVEALED: The Lion Bone Trade - Trophy Hunting's Shocking New Trend: September 30, 2018
September 30, 2018 GREEN FUTURE NEWS
BIG CATS IN CRISIS - How Crime Cartels are now killing Lions, Tigers & Leopards... to make 'WINE', and how a Trek for Big Cats aims to help save them 80% of the world’s cat populations are in serious trouble - some are in immediate danger of going extinct. Yet organised CRIME syndicates are now killing big cats for their BONES - which are then turned into WINE, paste and CAKE for pseudo-medicinal products. We reveal the canned hunting industry’s role in this sick new trend - and how a new initiative, ”Trek for the Big Cats”, aims to raise awareness and money to help save our felines: Presenter: Eduardo Goncalves. @greenfuturenews
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