The Bovine
The pillars of succession planning with Annessa Good
The pillars of succession planning with Annessa Good 10:05 Ryan Copithorne's market outlook for Fall 2023 6:07 Brenna Grant's favourite cost-of-production tips for new producers 6:28 P4ssw0rd123: How's your cyber security? 20:44 An Update from the Canadian Cattle Association 23:50 AFSC on live polling and next steps following Producer Meetings 13:43 The BIF Symposium is coming to Canada 11:51 Danny Hooper on ABIC so far, and tips for quality emceeing 17:32 Diversity, equity, and inclusion 6:30 Anne Wasko on the Canadian beef 2030 goals 11:04 Preparing for drought during autumn office hours 11:48 An overview of the markets with Brenna Grant, Canfax 9:02 Barley, corn, and wheat markets with Brennan Turner 13:55 A deep-dive into connection and acknowledgement with Dr. Jody Carrington 33:13 Living Labs, a DIY plastic compactor, and positivity in market trends 46:01 Rocky View Schools' on-farm learning initiative 19:33 Hoping for rain, Buddying Up, and planning a pit roast 50:55 Celebrating our 2022 Environmental Stewardship Award recipients 29:24 Weed-free forage, carrying capacity, and first-gen at the table 51:30 Forages, wild pigs, and a whirlwind trip to Ottawa 1:03:14 Finding solutions to ag plastics and welcoming youth to the table 44:13 Special Edition: Re-capping the 2022 Annual General Meeting 32:04 Babysitting, bull-fighting, and precision tech for cows 43:20 Roast beef, Arm-Chair Ranching, and veterinary shortages 37:28