Lancefield on the Line

Alisa Cohn: Making the shift from start-up founder to world-class CEO

March 23, 2022 David Lancefield Season 2 Episode 11
Lancefield on the Line
Alisa Cohn: Making the shift from start-up founder to world-class CEO
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Being a founder of a start-up takes courage, grit, entrepreneurial spirit. It takes a special kind of person. Somebody who is enormously self-driven, -determined and -motivated. But how far will these traits take you as you look to scale your business? And what will you need to start, stop and change in your leadership style? How will you work hard and smart to avoid burn out and mental health problems?

Alisa Cohn, confidante and coach the founders and CEOs of some of the world’s most successful start-ups and scale-ups shares her perspective on these shifts in perspective and practice.

More about Alisa:

Named the Top Startup Coach in the World at the Thinkers50/Marshall Goldsmith Global Coaches Awards in London, Alisa Cohn has been coaching startup founders to grow into world-class CEOs for nearly 20 years. A onetime startup CFO, strategy consultant, and current angel investor and advisor, she was named the number one “Global Guru” of startups in 2021, and has worked with startup companies such as Venmo, Etsy, DraftKings, The Wirecutter, Mack Weldon, and Tory Burch.

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The biggest shifts from founder to world class CEO
The triggers of these shifts
Does a founder role have to be all-consuming?
Traits of successful entrepreneurs
Magic dust from her book
Changes in leadership styles over the last five years
What corporate executives can learn from entrepreneurs
Red lines you’re not willing to cross
Learnings from her own career progression
Who strategic has she been in her career?
Her biggest strength as a coach
What’s on her development plan
How she measures her life
The best coaching she’s received
The frontiers of coaching practice