Lancefield on the Line

Steve Blank: Reinventing entrepreneurship

May 24, 2022 David Lancefield Season 2 Episode 18
Lancefield on the Line
Steve Blank: Reinventing entrepreneurship
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How do you scale-up a start-up? How do you make sure a large corporate doesn't stifle innovation? 

These are questions - and many more - that Steve Blank has been addressing for decades as one of the world's leading authorities on entrepreneurship and innovation.

In this podcast find out what:

  • Companies do to innovation as they grow.
  • The problem with innovation theatre is.
  • It takes to create an ambidextrous organisation.
  • The distinction is between an innovator and entrepreneur - and why successful.
  • He compares founders to. 
  • He thinks of entrepreneurship as a career choice.
  • He would advise an up-and-coming entrepreneur to do.

More about Steve:

Steve co-created the Lean Start Up movement through his work on customer development. He has been part of, or co-founded eight Silicon Valley startups. He now teaches entrepreneurship and national security innovation to undergrads and postgrads at Stanford University as an Adjunct Professor. The National Science Foundation adopted his Lean Launchpad class as the U.S. standard for commercialising basic and applied research via the Innovation Corps.

All his course material is open-sourced.

His book 'Startup Owners Manual: the Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company.'

For more details including his excellent newsletter go here.

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Ideation, incubation, and scaling
Search and execution
Prospects for corporate venture capital
Dismantling innovation theatre
Big leadership shifts
Nature and nurture in entrepreneurship
Training people to be entrepreneurial
One change in his career
Profit and purpose
Beyond Silicon Valley
Big unanswered questions
Advice to an up-and-coming entrepreneur