Lancefield on the Line

Chris Rangen: Venturing into the future

June 08, 2022 David Lancefield Season 2 Episode 19
Lancefield on the Line
Chris Rangen: Venturing into the future
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You're a founder, Board member or Senior Executive. Tasked with scaling your business profitably and sustainably. But you're facing a complex, dynamic, volatile and uncertain environment.

How do you make smart decisions about where to focus, and how to stimulate innovation in a world of ecosystems? How do you use venture capital wisely? How can you upskill your team to make important decisions?

These are questions - and more - that Chris Rangen has been advising on, speaking about, and teaching for the last two decades.

In this podcast find out what:

★ High-performing Boards and executives do.
★ How to stimulate innovation and scale it.
★ Role corporate venture capital can play.
★ Ecosystems do to the way you strategise and operate.
★ You can do to upskill people through learning simulations.

More about Chris:

Chris is one of Europe’s top strategy & innovation authorities, keynote speaker, business school faculty member, and workshop facilitator with clients across the globe. In 2022, he was listed as one of 30 thinkers to watch on the prestigious Thinkers50 Radar.

He speaks and consults internationally to large companies and governments on innovative strategic transformation, innovation strategies, business model innovation & creative leadership development.

See here for more about his portfolio of roles, services, and resources.

For details about Strategy Tools courses, simulations, and tools look here.

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What it takes to scale up
The importance of reflection
Characteristics of high performing Boards
What scale-ups can learn from corporates
Why “be more entrepreneurial” is a terrible phrase
Innovation mechanisms
Corporate venture capital
Coherence in an innovation portfolio
Learning to become more innovative
How ecosystems change strategy
The power of simulations
Measuring his own impact
How he’d like to be remembered
Peak performance habits