Lancefield on the Line

Andrea Olson: Truly understanding your customers

July 06, 2022 David Lancefield Season 2 Episode 21
Lancefield on the Line
Andrea Olson: Truly understanding your customers
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Many organisations say that they are customer-centric. But when you look inside they’re far from it. Customers come a distant second to their product or service. And when they do focus on them, they often apply simplistic assumptions about how we think, feel, and behave.

Andrea Olson is a behavioural scientist who has studied how to learn what customers need, but don’t always tell you.

In this podcast find out:

★ What stops customers telling you what they want.
★ What it takes to create a customer-centric organisation.
★ Whether it’s possible to shift from a product to customer organisation.
★ How much you can learn from the examples of how Apple and Tesla approach their customers.
★ Which of the customer concepts used in management are most flawed.
★ Who is an example of an exemplar organisation when it comes to customers.
★ What it takes to create an open, trusted relationship with your customers.
★ How to integrate strategy, culture, and customers.

More about Andrea:

Andrea Olson is a differentiation strategist, speaker, author, and customer-centricity expert. As the CEO at Pragmadik, she works with major organizations to help them better understand their customers and employees to compete more effectively in the market. She invented the 3W Ideation™ process for identifying undiscovered needs by studying customer context, motivators, and biases. 

Andrea is the author of The Customer Mission and No Disruptions: The New Future for Mid-Market Manufacturing. She is a four-time ADDY(R) award winner and the host of the popular Customer Mission podcast. Olson is also a contributing author for Entrepreneur, The Financial Brand, Chief Executive, Rotman Management Magazine, and SMPS Marketer Journal.

You can learn more about Andrea here, along with her firm, Pragmadik.

Her new book ‘What to Ask: How to Learn what your Customers Need but Don’t Tell You’ is available here.  

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What stops customers telling you what they want
Customer centricity
Products to customers
Organisational shifts
Apple and Tesla
The most flawed concepts
Trusting relationships
Strategy, culture and customer
Customer strategy scorecard
What consultants get wrong
Andrea's impact
Peak performance habits