Lancefield on the Line

Amy Gallo: Working with difficult people

September 28, 2022 David Lancefield Season 3 Episode 2
Lancefield on the Line
Amy Gallo: Working with difficult people
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Work relationships can be hard. Too often we grin and bear it as if we have no choice. Or throw up our hands because one-size-fits-all solutions haven't worked. Many of us walk away, avoiding difficult people. But we can only endure so much thoughtless, irrational, or malicious behaviour—there's your sanity to consider, and your career.

In her book Getting Along, workplace expert and Harvard Business Review podcast host Amy Gallo identifies eight familiar types of difficult coworkers—the insecure boss, the passive-aggressive peer, the know-it-all, the biased coworker, and others—and provides strategies tailored to dealing constructively with each one. She also shares principles that will help you turn things around, no matter who you're at odds with. Taking the high road isn't easy, but Gallo offers a crucial perspective on how work relationships really matter, as well as the compassion, encouragement, and tools you need to prevail—on your terms.

 In this podcast find out what:

★ Why it matters to get along at work.
★ The most fascinating of the eight archetypes.
★ Coping with difficult people.
★ Changing yourself.
★ The impact of biases on workplace dynamics.
★ The worst thing you can with difficult people.
★ The role of gossip.
★ Her own habits and changes.

About Amy:

Amy Gallo is a workplace expert who writes and speaks about gender, interpersonal dynamics, difficult conversations, feedback, and effective communication. She works with individuals and  teams to help them better collaborate, communicate, and transform their culture to support dissent and debate. 

 She is the author of two books: Getting Along: How to Work With Anyone (Even Difficult People) and the HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict. She has written hundreds of articles for Harvard Business Review, where she is a contributing editor. Her writing has been collected in numerous books including ones on feedback, emotional intelligence, and managing others. 

For the past three years, Amy has co-hosted HBR’s popular Women at Work podcast, which examines the struggles and successes of women in the workplace 

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Why does it matter to get along
Where it starts
Most fascinating archetype
How to use the archetypes wisely
Can you change them?
How can I change the dynamic?
Impact of biases
The worst thing you can do
Applying the book herself
Habits for best work