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Inside the mind of cartoonist John Cole

November 24, 2021 Ed Pikulski Season 1 Episode 10
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Scranton Times-Tribune cartoonist John Cole takes us inside the world of editorial cartoons - everything from how he got started to how locals react to his caricatures. John also tells us about some of his favorite people to draw, who's on his radar, and what to do if you don't like what you see.

You can see John's work here.

Scranton by way of the Kentucky
Being smart and funny
How does he know he's nailed it?
Teeth, hair and ears
Does John have to be more sensitive with women and minorities?
Does anyone complain about their caricature?
Trying to get people to think
Only a few cartoonists left
What did the locals think when John arrived?
If you're a politician you'll make the cartoon
Is there a band of cartoonists or something?
Who is John's favorite person to draw?
Cordaro and Courtright gold