What I Know Now - the Suite Set Podcast

E 09 What I know now - How to make hospital feel more like a home.

November 09, 2021 Sally @ The Suite Set Season 1 Episode 9
What I Know Now - the Suite Set Podcast
E 09 What I know now - How to make hospital feel more like a home.
Show Notes

For many of us, when we have a baby in a hospital setting, it is a rare occasion to be a patient in the hospital. Hopefully, our experiences of being in a hospital are limited and so, therefore, hospitals can seem unfamiliar and can be daunting.

One criticism of hospitals is that they’re “too institutionalised”, well, yes, hospitals are an institution, but they're also very safe, accessible, and caring spaces to have a baby and become a family. They’re also spaces that can be filled with great love and support.

Here are a few ideas on how you can make a hospital feel more like home for that short time you’re there.

Our key points

Do your research
Make the most of the access to health professionals and midwives
You can say no to visitors - if they're allowed under restrictions
Don't give a [email protected] what anyone else thinks
And some special tips on aromatherapy and other things we like to take to the hospital - is it a yes or a no?
and The one thing that truly makes a hospital feel like home.

Hospital safe aromatherapy
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding safe brightening, exfoliating mask here because we need all the bright we can Mama! And this lovely face oil adds some extra lux, this one is nourishing and brightening too here. If you're in the market for the best birth suite lip balm, it's here
Earbuds here
Non-candle, candle here
A suite playlist for your hospital room "My wishes for you" here
If you're in Melbourne and want some pampering in the hospital room, have a look at the gorgeous Jayney here

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Remember, the information here is from our research and fact-checking and based on our experience, so make sure to always seek your very own professional advice before making any individual medical or wellbeing decisions.