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E 11 BONUS - What I know now - choosing pre and postnatal vitamins and supplimentation

November 30, 2021 Sally @ The Suite Set Season 1 Episode 11
What I Know Now - the Suite Set Podcast
E 11 BONUS - What I know now - choosing pre and postnatal vitamins and supplimentation
Show Notes

How can I choose a good prenatal vitamin?

We've shaken up our format for today's bonus podcast - because it's such an important topic, I really needed to call in the big guns. Today on the podcast we have the amazing Brittany Darling, BHSc Nutr speaking about the importance of good supplementation for prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal.

I am passionate about sharing the best, researched and science-based information and Brittany has dedicated her career to supporting women with robust information and evidence-based nutritional medicine so it made sense to get some serious expertise in on the podcast today. This will be the longest podcast we do I think, but there was just so much to talk about.

Pre and anti-natal vitamins are the ultimate in overwhelm, it's important to get it right and I know for a fact that it's hard to work out what is best. It's also important to find something that works for you in those early stages of pregnancy when you just want to lay on the floor, sleep or vomit.

In this episode of what I know now, we talk about all things to consider when choosing a prenatal and postnatal vitamin.

Brittany explains
What to look for in a vitamin or supplementation
folate and/or folic acid  - and the MTHR gene.
Choline, the methylation process and baby's brain development.

We also myth bust about lifestyle and need for supplementation and we navigate micronutrients. We talk about coming off the pill and what that means for supplement support too.

And we round out the episode by talking about the top snacks for breastfeeding mums and do some more myth-busting about snacks and breastfeeding.

Some helpful Instagram posts from Brittany at https://www.instagram.com/wholefoodhealing/




Brittney's other accounts to follow -

For those parents thinking of starting solids, and moving into eating here is a great free downloadable. https://wholefoodhealing.sellfy.store/p/jzqa/

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Remember, the information here is from our research and fact-checking and based on our experience, so make sure to always seek your very own professional advice before making any individual medical or wellbeing decisions.