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Are You Still Using These Banished Words?

February 22, 2023 Jan M Flynn
Here's A Thought
Are You Still Using These Banished Words?
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Show Notes

In which we consider the tired phrases, overworked buzzwords, and meaningless jargon that clogs our language like the freshwater clams that clog our lakes. It's time for a cleanout, and thanks to the eagle-eyed folks at the Lake Superior State University School of Arts and Letters, we know just how to do it!

That is, if we agree with their opinions . . . Here's the official 2023 list of the year's ten Banished Words (tongue firmly in cheek), with my thoughts on each selection. Absolutely an amazing inflection point, this year's list might actually be the GOAT — but it is what it is.

Find Lake Superior State University's Banished Words list, along with past year archives and a link to nominate words for the 2024 list at

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