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7: I Must Be Real Smart

September 06, 2018 Episode 7
Comical Start
7: I Must Be Real Smart
Comical Start
7: I Must Be Real Smart
Sep 06, 2018 Episode 7
Mark and Grant
Comics are Calvin and Hobbes, and Long Story Short
Show Notes
In the first heavily-edited episode (Mark and Grant talked for 2 hours), the hosts nearly come to verbal blows. Grant begins by berating Mark for lacking a sense of the posh, while Mark defends his bland, normal ways.

Grant brings yet another Calvin and Hobbes comic, leading to a surprising first-half serious conversation. They discuss how well they balance taking care of themselves and others, with some tangents near the end.

Mark brings a Long Story Short comic, as he wishes to discuss jury duty and the location of the defense in TV courtrooms. They soon get off-topic, and provide some enjoyable discourse.

We briefly discuss this extra Calvin and Hobbes comic.

The book Uncle Tungsten which was briefly discussed.

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