C-Change Show- Changing Business Culture for GOOD

S2 E56 - Tim Creasey CIO & Michelle Haggerty COO - Prosci

June 15, 2023 Season 2 Episode 56
C-Change Show- Changing Business Culture for GOOD
S2 E56 - Tim Creasey CIO & Michelle Haggerty COO - Prosci
Show Notes

"Lead with high expectations and high support." ~ Michelle Haggerty,  Prosci COO
This week on C-Change, Prosci's Tim Creasey, who has amassed the largest body of knowledge in the world on change management and Prosci's COO Michelle Haggerty, Prosci’s Chief Operating Officer, discuss the realities of helping companies manage the change to shift their cultures  to a more resilient and sustainable model to achieve their business objectives.

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More about Tim:

I enable change teams to catalyze adoption and usage to deliver results and outcomes. I know that the "soft" side of change is actually the harder side of change and strive to empower teams to more successfully manage it. I conduct best practices research in change management and develop holistic, easy-to-use and research-based models and tools for managing the people side of change.

Recent efforts: Lead Prosci change management research and development. Conceptualized and created the CMROI (Change Management ROI) model and calculator. Spearheaded the creation of the Prosci Portal - a virtual workbench for change practitioners. Served as editor and lead analyst of Prosci's 2015, 2013 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005 and 2003 Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking studies. Presented at numerous conferences (Conference Board, Gartner BPM Summit, ACMP). Wowed the crowds. Designed and facilitated over 300 change management webinars. Authored numerous tutorials and whitepaper, as well as the book Change Management: The People Side of Change. Initiated work on Enterprise Change Management - building organizational capabilities and competencies - in 2005.

Specialties: Change management theories, processes, best practices, benchmarking, communication, resistance management, leadership

More about & Michelle:

Michelle Haggerty, Prosci’s Chief Operating Officer, oversees Prosci’s service portfolio and internal Operations while leading the organization's strategic direction as a member of the executive team. Michelle has led proci’s program, service delivery and instructional teams through growth and global expansion. Formally Proci’s Strategic Director of Training, She helped individuals and organizations of all sizes develop and deploy change management solutions. In that role, she also ensured program delivery quality while supporting all Prosci certified master instructors as well as leading the executive training team. 

Michelle holds a bachelor degree in journalism from the School of Journalism and Mass communication University of Colorado at Boulder. 

​​Michelle Hagerty overseas. Proceeds With proceeds People First Culture as a guiding star. Michele's overarching goal is to help organizations achieve optimal outcomes. From change management through premium training programs and advisory services that deliver unforgettable experiences.