Plight of International Students Amidst Australia's Growing Rental Crisis with Josh Farr
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Plight of International Students Amidst Australia's Growing Rental Crisis with Josh Farr
Mar 16, 2023 Season 2 Episode 20
Josh Farr - Founder of Campus Consultancy

About Josh Farr, Founder of Campus Consultancy
Josh Farr is an entrepreneur and leadership expert who founded Campus Consultancy in 2017. He has been working to connect and develop the most influential leaders across universities, as well as with graduate programs and high schools. In this episode, we discuss the plight of international students as a result of the disruption of the education system during COVID-19, and the issues surrounding student accommodation.

Josh shares his mission to help students better understand themselves, manage their own stress and lives, and succeed in their careers. Josh also shares stories of students who have accomplished great things through his work. We talk about the impact that the lack of support from Australia has had on international students and how they felt unwelcome when told to go home as the pandemic first hit. 

International students bring a lot to universities, cities, and towns, and that they should not be seen as “cash cows”. Rather, they should be seen as integral parts of the global community, and that their hospitality and professional skills should be acknowledged. 

We also discuss how international students should be supported in their endeavours, and have a role to play in crafting a new narrative about international students and their overall wellbeing. 

We might be going into a winter economically right now, but you can get through the winter if you cut the wood, you stay inside and you stay warm - Josh Farr

Key moments in this podcast
0:00:00 - Conversation with Josh Farr: Supporting Student Leaders and Renters in Australia

0:02:17 - Impact of COVID-19 on international students in Australia

0:05:12 - Mentoring international students and the light of Hospitality Workers in Regional Victoria

0:07:02 - The value of international students in the workforce

0:08:22 - The power of humility

0:09:53 - International student housing crisis in Australia

0:11:46 - Financial stress experienced by international students

0:13:38 - Exploring the impact of the housing crisis on young Australians

0:15:45 - Navigating the broken rental market

0:19:51 - Maximising financial resources during an economic winter for students and homeowners

0:21:26 - Exploring the benefits of house-sharing via The Room Xchange

0:23:11 - Supporting international students during challenging times

0:24:46 - Exploring ethical solutions to rising rental costs

As a child of immigrants, I know first hand the challenges one faces when leaving their home country to move to a foreign land - Ludwina Dautovic

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