Women Helping Women: A Room Xchange Story
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Women Helping Women: A Room Xchange Story
May 20, 2023 Season 3 Episode 23
Ludwina Dautovic, CEO The Room Xchange

Ludwina Dautovic introduces a new segment to The Room Xchange podcast called The Room Xchange Stories. These stories will provide insights and tips about house-sharing and will also include some of her own personal stories. The first one is about women helping women and is a very personal story for Ludwina. As the CEO and Founder of The Room Xchange, she has to deal with the complexities of leading the company as well as continuously hearing about the difficulties everyday people are facing in regards to housing. 

After feeling incredibly exhausted at the end of last year, Ludwina put out a call for a place to stay for a few weeks to take a break and reset. Elizabeth, who had been a household listed on their platform, replied and Ludwina moved in two days later. 

Elizabeth, a single mother, businesswoman and counsellor, welcomed Ludwina into her mud brick home on a ten acre property in Country Victoria. Ludwina was in awe of the cedar wood and silk walls, and French doors that opened out to a balcony with deers roaming in the garden. She felt grounded and supported by Elizabeth and her 16 year old daughter.  

Elizabeth encouraged her to make herself at home. Ludwina observed the dynamic and vibe of the household, feeling the groove of the home and understanding the personalities of the two people who lived there. 

This conversation provided insight into the perspective of being a housemate in someone else's home. Ludwina talks about her experience of living as a housemate. She emphasises the importance of setting clear house rules and respecting how the household runs. She suggests that getting a handle on how the household works quickly will help the person fit in and connect in a deeper way. She also talks about how they discussed food, house cleaning and expectations as a housemate, and how being flexible helped her fit in. Ludwina emphasises the importance of having regular conversations and suggests having meals together as a way to connect.

Key moments in this podcast 

0:00:00 Women Helping Women: A Room Xchange Story

0:03:04 The Room Xchange: A Story of Resilience and Connection

0:04:42 Exploring the Idyllic Setting of a Mud Brick Home in Country Victoria

0:06:46 Exploring the Benefits of Housemate Exchange: Reflections on Establishing House Rules and Building Connections

0:08:10 Creating a Positive Living Environment: Tips for Successful Housemate Relationships

0:15:05 Reflection on House Sharing: Creating Lifelong Friendships 

0:17:57 Benefits of House Sharing

0:19:35 Exploring the Power of Women Helping Women: Reflections from a Housemate Experience

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