Innovative Solutions for Student Accommodation on the Gold Coast with Jennine Tax
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The Room Xchange Podcast
Innovative Solutions for Student Accommodation on the Gold Coast with Jennine Tax
Jul 03, 2023 Season 3 Episode 25
Jennine Tax - Acting CEO Study Gold Coast

Welcome to episode 25 of The Room Xchange podcast, where we delve into the accommodation partnership between Study Gold Coast and The Room Xchange as part of their 'Host for the Coast' program. Join us as we explore how this collaboration is revolutionising the student community in the Gold Coast, Australia, and providing affordable accommodation solutions for international and local students. In this episode we're speaking with Jennine Tax, the acting CEO of Study Gold Coast. The conversation provided a wealth of knowledge, revealing how Study Gold Coast is transforming the student community through its four cardinal pillars: attracting students, ensuring a warm welcome, facilitating employability opportunities, and retaining student talent in the city.

As one of the world's top 10 most welcoming destinations, the Gold Coast stands out for its picturesque beaches, lively nightlife, and most importantly, its safe and inviting environment - a key factor that draws in international students seeking a secure place to study and live.

Despite its welcoming reputation, the Gold Coast, like many other cities worldwide, faces an accommodation crisis. Factors such as interstate migration, families coming together due to the COVID pandemic, and the rise of Airbnb have led to a scarcity of suitable housing options for students.

To address this pressing issue, Jennine and her team have set up a dedicated student hub that offers vital support appointments to students, guiding them through pre-departure planning and the challenges of finding accommodation. In a remarkable step, Study Gold Coast has introduced an innovative room exchange program exclusively for international students, presenting an appealing alternative to traditional homestay options.

In the first chapter of this insightful podcast, Jennine delves into how Study Gold Coast is actively working to support students in the rental market. She sheds light on the organisation's four pillars and discusses the Gold Coast's success as a welcoming destination with a focus on safety, which continues to attract students from around the globe.

The second chapter highlights the housing crisis faced by students. Jennine elaborates on the contributing factors, including interstate migration, pandemic-related changes, and the popularity of Airbnb, which have made finding rental properties increasingly challenging, especially for non-native English speakers without rental history.

In the final chapter, we explore the room exchange program developed by Study Gold Coast. This exceptional initiative provides a safe, secure, and welcoming experience for students, ensuring their well-being and fostering long-lasting connections. The program also includes thorough verification processes for both homeowners and housemates, making it a reliable and trusted option for students in need.

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